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Shooter in 2019 Virginia Beach mass shooting ‘was motivated by perceived workplace grievance’ – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Virginia Beach, Virginia — The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it had completed the investigation. Virginia Beach Police Regarding (VBPD) Mass shootings at Virginia Beach Municipal Center May 31, 2019.

The FBI said it gave police a final verbal explanation.

According to the FBI’s announcement, “At the request of the VBPD, the FBI provided important law enforcement assistance in police response and case investigation. Immediately afterwards, the agency provided crisis management and operations personnel to assist in the regional response. To assist the Field Evidence Response Team and FBI Institute experts, as well as victims and families, who conducted complex 10-day evidence recovery operations and forensic investigations at the crime scene in Municipal Center Building 2. Victim Services Department specialists were assigned to help. To assist police investigations, FBI agents conducted numerous victim and witness interviews and computer experts. Investigated digital evidence. “

Below is a copy of their findings

FBI assessment of attacker motives

As part of the research team’s efforts to determine the shooter’s motivation for a workplace attack, VBPD called on the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), based in Quantico, Virginia, for assistance. BAU completed the analysis of the information and evidence gathered through the investigation and shared its key findings with VBPD during the final briefing.

The following is a summary of BAU’s main findings.

  1. The BAU estimates that the shooters were motivated by the dissatisfaction of the workplace that they had persisted for years. BAU found that the archer was struggling with how he perceived his achievements and how others at work saw him. The shooter’s bloated sense of self-importance contributed to this conflict, causing him to believe that he was unjustly repeatedly criticized and neglected. The archer saw violence as a way to reconcile this conflict and restore his perverted view of justice.
  2. BAU assessed that the archer’s perceived dissatisfaction began to take shape as early as 2014, and he was deliberately isolated by leaving relationships to hide his intentions. For this reason, the BAU estimates that no individual or group is in a position to identify a confluence of actions that may have foretold an attack.
  3. BAU estimates that the shooter suffers from a serious mental health stressor. This seems to partially contribute to decompensation prior to the attack. However, mental health stressors alone cannot explain Virginia Beach’s attacks.

Click here to read the entire report.

The FBI further estimates that Virginia Beach City Center shooters are in many ways similar to other active shooters studied by the FBI. Gunfire incidents are predatory and generally It is important to note that only the identified targets, people, and archers knew the real reason for committing this horrific violence, but at this time, the FBI is based on the evidence gathered above. I am confident that the evaluation is accurate. “”

The FBI’s report, which determines the motivation behind the shootings, is not surprising to Jason Nixon.

His wife, Kate, was one of twelve victims shot and killed by a colleague in the city center.

“From day one, I said this from day one,” Nixon said. “I knew the fact that he was upset because Kate didn’t hire him as engineer 4. Everyone knew what his motive was. Everyone knew how he was treated. I knew I was upset. There is nothing we didn’t know yet. “

Mayor Dier issued a statement on Wednesday. “Thanks to the FBI partners for completing this assessment and providing critical evidence recovery and investigation support in the hours and days following May 31, 2019. No matter how much information you have about the situation, I think it may not be enough to really explain what happened and why. This pointless tragedy is unreasonable. 5 / In the two years since 31, we’ve seen the worst evils one can do and the best the community can do when people get together. Remember to treat each other well as they continue to be healed. Please. “

News 3 asked Virginia Beach police for comment. The department says they have nothing more to add.

The FBI’s report is inconsistent with Virginia Beach Police’s own report, which did not find evidence of the shooter’s motives.

“From the beginning, we all wanted simple, honest truth, transparency, and accountability,” Nixon said. “Why did this happen? What led to this? How can I prevent this from happening again?”

March, Final Survey from Virginia Beach City Released in a mass shooting. According to a letter sent to his family by a Virginia Beach manager, the investigator “processed the evidence carefully and systematically, conducted interviews, performed tests, and tested the theory.”

The final report details the tragic events that took place on May 31, 2019.

But unfortunately, the letter says, “I couldn’t find any evidence to shed light on the shooter’s motives.”

The shootings killed 12 people, including 11 city officials and contractors, injured five, and affected hundreds more.

According to federal agents, city officials hid his intentions by separating themselves, and said they might explain why the red flag was missed.

Virginia Beach criminal defense lawyer Sonny Stallings does not believe he was able to prevent a major tragedy.

“He seems to have monopolized it. He was quiet. He was isolated,” Stall said. “He was working there, so he was able to access the building automatically. I can’t find anything that anyone could have done.”

Nixon disagrees.

He said federal investigations would provide some closure, but Nixon believes the city ignored the signs of warning.

“I just want to see Virginia Beach take ownership of what happened to my wife,” he said. “The failure of their policies, procedures and protocols to the HR department killed my wife.”

Antoinette Del Bel and WTKR staff first reported this story.

Shooter in 2019 Virginia Beach mass shooting ‘was motivated by perceived workplace grievance’ Source link Shooter in 2019 Virginia Beach mass shooting ‘was motivated by perceived workplace grievance’

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