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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-12-04 22:06:29 –

Fairlawn, Ohio (WJW) – Hundreds of children in northeastern Ohio have new toys and gifts thanks to local police officers. Saturday was an annual shop with police officers from multiple departments in the area.

The Wadsworth police car did quite a few shows, but it’s not an emergency, it’s an annual parade of police shops where police officers take local kids to Christmas shopping.

In Summit County, they also held an annual Christmas on Saturday for police officers.

Michael Hoesman, Deputy Sheriff’s Office at the Summit County, said:

140 children in Summit County were given $ 150 to spend at Wal-Mart. The money was collected by the community all year round. Police officers from various departments guided us around the store. They could buy gifts for family, friends, or themselves.

“Executives can choose the children to bring individually,” said Lori Natco, a police officer at Akron Police Station. “Or go to a local school in your area and ask questions based on your needs and citizenship, so any child is eligible to come shopping with us.”

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Many supporters are involved in this. The subway offers lunch, and stores like Wal-Mart offer overage. Unfortunately, last year was an event that could not be held in many cities. COVID.. But it didn’t stop police officers from finding a way to help.

“We still had 120 families,” said Pamela Helmic, an officer at the University of Akron Police Department. “After getting the list, going shopping, gift wrapping, and then each department delivered them home.”

Shopping has resumed this year and the department has grown. In Medina County, 150 children shopped. They had a special guest fly by helicopter: Santa Claus.

Obviously, this was a great day for the kids and for the police officers who said it was important to close this gap between the police and the kids.

“At the time of this ordeal, we should enter the community and have a relationship with these children so that they can come to us safely or whatever they want. Is of utmost importance, “said Scott Moss, executive officer of the Summa Health Department.

Christmas at the Cop event in Summit County is so big that the Commission will start planning a year ago. Police officers say the effort is worth it when they see the children smiling.

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