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Shoplifter pepper sprayed mother, children taking picture of license plate during getaway – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-06-28 18:12:35 –

Women face child abuse, battery charging

Las Vegas (KLAS) — Police said a suspected shoplifter sprayed a mother and her two children with pepper while a bystander was trying to take a picture of a fugitive car license plate.

According to records, 19-year-old Sierra Zelve faces child abuse and battery charges.

On June 14, Las Vegas Metro police received a call from a company on Sahara Avenue near Warapai Way requesting a battery report, they said.

Police reportedly ran out of stores with a man who reportedly “a shopping cart full of clothes” and “lacking security after them,” police wrote in an arrest report.

The woman and her two children asked the clerk what was happening and noticed that Zelbe and the man were “loading.” [clothes] In the trunk of the car parked next to her. “

According to police, when Zelbe got out of the car and sprayed her and her two children with pepper, the woman left the store to take a picture of the car’s license plate “to help further prosecution.”

Zelbe said, “Did you have any problems? Any problems?” When spraying peppers on the group.

Police tracked the car to the South Valley and detained Zelbe on June 22, they said. Zelbe stayed at the Clark County Detention Center until her house arrest as of Tuesday.

The age of the child is not disclosed.

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