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“Shopper entertainment” is an important trend in European e-commerce, new research says

European consumers are embracing “shopper entertainment,” a new survey of more than 14,000 of them shows. And livestreaming commerce is an important part of this.

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Link with Alibaba Group AliExpress Forrester We consulted and spoke with 14,460 adults in the United Kingdom, France, Poland and Spain. We found that 70% of the consumers surveyed were interested in the entertainment of shoppers. It happens as more and more brands adopt it. Burberry, for example, has reported strong results from livestream events over the past year.

Originating in China, livestreaming commerce is currently one of the most popular consumer digital innovations across Asia. But it also affects the UK and Europe.

“Blur the boundaries between e-commerce, entertainment and everyday lifestyles, attracting consumers to immersive and interactive experiences such as livestreaming events, photos, videos and interactive games, and ultimately facilitating transactions.” The concept is stated by AliExpress. ..

Just as European consumers turn to the shopping experience of encountering this type of content during a pandemic, nearly half have increased their consumption of such content as a result of Covid-19.

According to the company, the main product categories that attract consumer attention are electronics, fashion and cosmetics.
“Customers are most involved when sellers feature short, reliable, relevant, informative content and run livestreaming events presented by their favorite hosts,” he said.

We also discovered six types of shoppers related to shopper entertainment. In particular, one persona called “always online” (a persona who is deeply involved in all kinds of online activities) is most likely to be a supporter of shoppers.

These consumers make up 19% of survey respondents and are most likely to make unplanned purchases when their favorite influencers present their products. They are also willing to spend more time on livestreaming commerce, averaging 23 minutes.

However, although this trend can be seen throughout Europe, it still varies from country to country. For example, British consumers “need mobile-friendly, reliable and entertaining content,” while French consumers “prefer concise, influential content.” Spanish shoppers “look for the best deals and practical information when looking at shoppers,” while Polish consumers “put the highest priority on interacting with hosts and other customers.”

The survey results came after the company doubled its recent shopper offers. In France, AliExpress officially launched a livestreaming program last May, has launched more than 3,000 live shows since then, and has worked with more than 100 local livestreamers. We are also recruiting sales representatives for French retailers to train them to become live streamers.

In Spain, we have also established partnerships with eight agencies and are working with 180 local influencers to create innovative and enjoyable shopping methods while increasing exposure to sellers and brands.

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“Shopper entertainment” is an important trend in European e-commerce, new research says

Source link “Shopper entertainment” is an important trend in European e-commerce, new research says

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