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KOIN, Oregon — Small businesses in Portland are about to make big sales on Thanksgiving weekends. We hope that with a little incentive, more people will be able to get through the door.

Small shop Big HeartsAn organization that supports small retailers in Portland hosts holiday shopping raffle events on Friday and Saturday, November 26th and 27th. Admission to the raffle is as easy as stepping into one of the dozens of participating companies.

Shoppers can download and print Paper game sheet Or download Kudo app To keep track of the businesses they visit.

Kuto is an app that allows shoppers to pay local businesses and reduce card transaction fees. Users can connect the app to the bank and make payments. Anyone who gets the app can enter their location, and if they live in or near Portland, they’ll see the Small Shops Big Hearts Raffle event.

The first purchase made by a shopper while participating in a raffle unlocks 10% off at all other participating small businesses.

Shoppers will receive raffle entries at every shop they visit, 3 entries for each purchase, 2 raffle entries for purchases at Kuto, and more purchases will be added to the raffle entry.

In-app and above stores Small Shops Big Hearts Shopping Guide It’s organized by location, so you can find stores near where you live or where you want to shop.

Sarah Shaoul, founder of Small Shops Big Hearts, said:

Raffle prize Includes hotel stays, iPads, concert tickets, dining experiences, gift baskets and more.

SMEs are still recovering after the 2020 closure, and as the pandemic continues, the number of users is still declining, Shaul said.

“Few companies were in the black at the end of last year, and a lot of debt was carried over, so many companies still have debt due to deferred rent,” he said.

Cynthia Valenti opened a physical store, Wildhouse, in September 2020. She said it was a scary time to open, but the pandemic also provided a great shop space to move in.

Cynthia Valenti will take a photo on November 23, 2021 in her store Wildhouse in northeastern Portland. (KOIN)

She said holiday sales are a big issue for small businesses and people want to choose to shop locally.

“If you’re worried about getting something really intentional or unique, shopping locally is the way to go,” she said.

Located on 22nd Avenue in Northeast 22nd Avenue in Portland, Wildhouse is not close to many other retailers.That’s why Small Shops Big Hearts is affiliated Lime scooter Thanksgiving weekends give more people access to stores in remote areas.

Lime offers free rides to people who shop at four local businesses: Wildehaus, Boedecker Cellars, SymbiOp and Orlando Earthworks.

Michael Norco, Lime’s Operations Manager, said: In Portland.

If someone makes a purchase that’s too big to take home on a scooter, Small Shops Big Hearts has plans for that too.They are also affiliated Legwork local delivery, Zero emission local delivery service. Legwork has proposed offering free shipping for purchases made at Wildehaus, Boedecker Cellars, SymbiOp, and Orlando Earthworks on Fridays and Saturdays.

“Small businesses create communities. They are very economically and culturally important, bringing the city to life and the place we all want to live in. So what is Small Shops Big Hearts? I wanted to help as much as I could, “said Dan Woodward, founder of Legwork Local Delivery.

Shaul said they hope to work together to make local shopping accessible to everyone.

For more information on the Small Shops Big Hearts Holiday Raffle Event, Please visit their website.

click here Download and print the paper lottery game sheet.

Shopping small in Portland could pay off big with raffle prizes Source link Shopping small in Portland could pay off big with raffle prizes

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