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The building was built in 1951 and was the first resident of a furniture store and oil company business.

Beeville, Texas — Economic Development Authority and Bee County have been working to diversify the economy.

This is done by bringing manufacturing into town and trying to attract other businesses to fill empty retail space.

Cadillac Jack Boot City is a new business that is about to open along St Mary’s Street. The store manager, Mike Baggio, expects the business to benefit the city.

“I think this was certainly necessary if Beeville didn’t make sense. It’s a good choice because we wouldn’t do it,” Baggio said.

Beeville has several retail stores that remain vacant. Economic planners such as Randy Seitz, President and CEO of Bee Area Partnership, were delighted to see new tenants occupy this space.

“It’s an old downtown, so it’s great to see retailers interested in being here breathing new life into the county,” Seitz said.

Beeville’s population was 14,574 in 1980, but is now just under 13,000.

The building was built in 1951 and was the first resident of a furniture store and oil company business.

It can be difficult for the Cadillac Jack Boot City to rival the drawing power of older Sears stores.

But Randy Sites, president and chief executive officer of the Bee Area Partnership, said it is another step towards diversifying the economy here.

“How do we grow our economy by providing enough manufacturing and industrial work in addition to distribution and service work to sustain economic diversification and growth?” ..

In addition, Seitz said this was not the only new business to open in the coming months.

There are other major retailers he said he was trying to persuade him to come to Beeville. Part of a leader’s plan here to increase the population by trying to attract new businesses and industries to the town.

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