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Hawks wins first MEAC tournament game since 2012

Norfolk, Virginia – On the hottest weekend ever, the Maryland Eastern Shore baseball team will show that they are the best team at the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference on Friday (May 20) in Norfolk, Virginia. I was hoping for it. After fighting the heat of the heat in Norfolk State University 12-5, the Hawks had to fight Delaware State University, but didn’t make it to the championship on Saturday and fell to Hornets 11-10. ..

“Today was a long day,” said head coach Brian Hollamon. “It was hot, I played in a row, I was in a position to beat the guy in 3rd and 2nd, and I made a run in 3rd. That’s good.”

In the worst cold of the pre-season, the Hawks paid little or no respect around MEAC, won little pre-season praise, and made efforts Thursday (May 19th) and Friday, easy throughout the season. Was expected to win. There are many mistakes by playing the top two seeds in the run and showing that Shore Baseball is here to compete.

Despite losing to the end of the season, the Hawks (17-37) scored many highs, including the most wins since 2006 when the shore was 17-34-1. Athletes who are on the MEAC All-Academic list and whose top five student athletes in the program are on the All-MEAC list.

“I spent a lot of time and effort teaching them about baseball and about life,” Horamon said.

Game One

Norfolk won two early runs as Dionte Brown reached the single and Rafi Rodriguez was hit by a catcher before Jacob Council loaded the single to the base. Spartans then took advantage of Andrew Levels’ error to help Tanner Brandon plate the two when he scored a single, and things seemed dark to the Hawks early on. Starter Cameron Bratton struck out and forced Derek Maze II to fly out.

Things go well as the Hawks load the base on three straight walks to start the bottom of the inning and Ryan Howe hits the sacrifice fly on the left fielder to make the shore the first run of the day. Did not take long. Brantley Cutler soon hit a single and reloaded the base, and big man Alex McCoy lifted one to the right fielder to tie up the game with a sacrifice fly.

Nick Loez showed patience at bat, pulling a 10-pitch walk to put a 2, and Maze swung on the first pitch to drive both runners, doubling Norfolk’s score.

Shore continued to take advantage of Spartan’s mistakes at the bottom of the second when Brian Cordell stole the single, second and reached third on Dillon Oxyer’s ground out. Norfolk then made the first of seven errors in the game when Howe rumbled first in a single, reached second with a bad throw, and played Cordell. Howe moved to 3rd place, and Cutler walked and put the runner in the corner of McCoy, who was first forced to make a bad throw, at the speed of returning Howe home with a 6-run Hawks.

The same went on when Maze led double and Jason Brown placed a sacrifice bunt, but due to a throw error when Maze reached home, he continued to second place. Andrew Revels put a perfect bunt on third base, a runner in the corner, and Cordell reached for the bunt, crossing the eighth run of Hawk’s game.

While maintaining the theme, Cutler hit a single and led the fourth, McCoy walked. Loets bunted both, but saw both scores when the throw passed first baseman and raised the Hawks to 10-2.

“In the first game, I played a lot of small balls,” Horamon said. “We didn’t make a mistake, and they made a mistake, which helped us win the ball game.”

Norfolk was a lead-off single by Brandon Cleveland, returning to the top of fifth place and eventually being driven by the Jacob Council. With Cordell scoring in the fielder’s choice and Howe scoring in the fielder’s choice, the Hawks grabbed a 2 at the end of the inning and scored in a wild pitch, so don’t worry.

Norfolk was able to distribute two more runs in the game. Once for the sixth and once for the eighth, Bratton remained strong to travel the distance, despite the heat of over 90 degrees. Just 30 minutes later, he gave Delaware another game of complete game to the Hawks.

Game 2

In just 30 minutes of refueling and rest, the Hawks resumed action against the tournament’s top seed, Delaware. At the lead-off, Rebels reached an error due to Hornet shortstop Traypage, took off second during Cordell’s turn at bat for stealing, and advanced third when his center fielder touched the pitcher. Oxyer appeared and grounded 2-2 pitches, but drove Revels to win the first run of the game.

During half of Hornet’s innings, the lead-off man also reached. This time I took a walk with Hawks starter Derrick Love Jr. and stole it second like Levels. Page recovered the error by hitting a single and tying up the game, eventually being driven into a double from Alec Rodriguez, putting the Hawks in a one-run hole.

The second time the score was quiet, but the third time after Cordell pitched into the team, Oxier tripled the head of Dell’s center fielder, giving Cordell a goal. In an attempt to get Oxie to third in the relay, Page made a second error in the game by throwing wide, putting Oxie at home and giving the Hawks a lead.

Hornets starter Jordan Haddaway was replaced by Mike Carrington after a blunder and took one seed out of the jam.

However, Love was in trouble for the third time, giving up on a 3-run home run and defeating the Hawks 5-3, putting the 3-batter in the inning.

“In our second match against Dell State, we gave up some home runs that hurt us,” Horamon said.

The fourth top Dell State wild pitch was further when Kyle Cincinnati hit a single on his spot in the center right, Maze doubled down the right field line, and Wild Pitch won and put on Cincinnati. Maze in the scoring position that led to 2 runs. Revels tied the sacrifice fly towards the center and placed the maize throughout the plate.

After the lead-off walk, things escaped from the shore in the 5th inning and a slow error occurred in the pick-off throw, putting Alan Alonso in 3rd place. In the two-out swing, Miguel Rivera drove the runner from 2nd place, and Page scored 2 RBIs in the central single, making it a 9-5 match in favor of the Hornets.

The Hawks loaded the base at the top of the sixth and won one run from the Cordell Walk with two outs, highlighted in the sequence by a perfect level bunt before the Cordell bunt. It was almost a Thai game when the hornet center-fielder Mike Warsington’s speed and glove found a hit and ended the threat, and when Oxie squared up and hit a long flyball into the dead center.

Delstate re-attacked the middle single at the bottom of the frame, scoring 2 points and lowering the Hawks by 5 runs. Neither side worked very well in the next two innings, the game seemed almost complete and didn’t reach Shore.

Even if the Hawks seemed to be over, they showed as much resistance as possible when the final call happened at the top of the ninth. Howe put the ball in the left side corner at the opening ceremony to score a double, and Jason Brown, who entered as a substitute runner earlier, hit the pitch and scored two points to force the Hornets. To bring the CJ roper closer.

Roper quickly proved a bit wild and threw a wild pitch at Dart, who put runners in 2nd and 3rd place. At Roets’ last college at-bat, he rips shots from the left, wins Howe, and gives Shore hope. Roets then stole his first base to put the runner in the scoring position since 2019, before Brian Widowson walked to load the base.

In an absolute wild sequence, the Hawks got the game in the run and the miracle comeback seemed to be fully effective. A defensive mistake by Hornets first baseman Crew Boldin put the Levels in second place, effectively bringing the Hawks down just two. Roper’s soil spikes then took Widowson from third place, reducing Hornet’s lead to one.

“We fought like anyone’s business,” Horamon said.

That’s the end of the best season since 2006 for the Game and Hawks, as the strikeouts end it in the spring, leaving the shore in one run and advancing the Dell State to the final round.

At the end of the season, the Hawks will look to the future, whether it’s on diamonds, continuing education, or starting their lives after the East Coast of Maryland.

“As a coach, it’s my pleasure to coach these people and, more importantly, see them off,” Horamon said. “Hopefully it’s more important to me to teach these people how to do things the right way.”

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Shore Closes Out Season with Rout of Norfolk, One-Run Loss to Del State – The Baltimore Times Online Newspaper Source link Shore Closes Out Season with Rout of Norfolk, One-Run Loss to Del State – The Baltimore Times Online Newspaper

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