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Honolulu, Hawaii 2022-05-18 05:01:39 –

Honolulu (KHON2) — The University of Hawaii’s men’s volleyball team took a shower with Aloha and celebrated a national championship surrounded by thousands of fans in downtown Honolulu on Tuesday.

“The amount of love for this sport and our team on the island is unparalleled,” said middle blocker Guilherme Boss.

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Now that the NCAA allows college athletes to make money from their names, images, portraits, or NILs, their enthusiasm can quickly lead to big bucks for student athletes.

Voss is one of the dozens of athletes who have benefited from sponsorship and has added partnership ads with Off the HookPoke Market and Uniqlo Hawaii to their social media accounts. With two national titles, he may add more.

“The men’s volleyball team has become the most profitable NIL team on the campus of the entire university,” said Ryan Curry Tsuji, President and CEO of RKT Media. “Thanks to their recognition, the apparent success as a continuous national championship makes them very marketable and the brand wants to cooperate with it. Get signs and photos today. But when I see someone waiting for hours, I think it’s obvious. “

In addition to Voss, RKT manages on behalf of 21 other UH Manoa athletes. He says student athletes like Voss even created LLC to set up themselves for business.

“I think the highest paid athletes we’ve worked with probably earned about $ 10,000 a year,” Tsuji said. “The first year is pretty good, but everything can be in the $ 200- $ 1,000 range. It really depends on whether the athlete himself wants to be there too.”

Such money can be significant for college students, especially male volleyball players. Under the NCAA, the men’s volleyball team split a full 4.5 scholarship across their roster of 23 players at the UH.

Tsuji says that not only schools but also athletes can do more.

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“NIL is so new that there is a college learning curve about what you are learning, what is permitted and what is not, and then the athletes themselves learn how to utilize names, images and portraits. I really sell it. “

Short on scholarships, Hawaii’s champs can profit on NIL Source link Short on scholarships, Hawaii’s champs can profit on NIL

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