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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-06-12 11:30:41 –

Cleveland (WJW) — FOX 8I team I got an in-house email that sheds new light on the chronic problems of ambulance services in Cleveland (such as staff shortages and delays).

Confirmed emails to all members from Safety Director Karrie Howard City council..

In it, Howard admits, “When it comes to staffing, we are short of staff every day.”

This is especially noteworthy, as the mayor’s administration recently told the council at a hearing that the EMS was fully staffed “98% of the time.”

Still, the email also says: We knew this year would be a tough year as COVID influenced recruitment last year and there were no classes. ”

Howard sent an email after Councilor Michael Polensek wrote to him for clarification following a recent I-Team investigation revealing a problem with Cleveland’s ambulance service.

At the same time, the safety manager’s email said, “The city is covered 24 hours a day and responds to all service requests. The EMT class will start in July, relieving the pressure of graduation. We are also looking for other alternative solutions. “

“We have survived the storm, but we are confident that the city is covered,” he added.

Nonetheless, radio traffic has shown a dispatcher telling safety forces that ambulances are not available on various phone calls this week.

Also this week, Team I revealed an internal investigation into what happened with one EMS unit that was believed to have been lost after being dispatched for four hours over the NFL Draft weekend in Cleveland.

EMS crew went to emergency medical care at West 81st.. The dispatch memo shows that the crew was listed as being assigned to the call for four hours, but the records also show that the patient refused to be taken to the hospital.

The safety manager’s email also referred to it.

He writes: “Unused units were not accepted, resulting in wiring crossing between the communication and the person in charge of the vehicle. It is not standard and is under investigation. Say if discipline comes out of it. It’s too early. Carlton and I will consider action after the fact-finding. “

On Friday, I contacted the mayor’s office after seeing the safety manager’s email. A spokeswoman said the city hall has not commented on this anymore, but the mayor’s office will notify us when its internal investigation is complete.

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