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Riverside, California 2021-09-19 20:02:44 –

Port Aranthus, Texas — Earlier this week, Governor Abbott named Port Aranthus a music-friendly city.

Many locals in Port Aranthus have said that live music is taking place in the various places they go. One of those places is Shorty’s Place, which has live music every Sunday.

Jim Dugan said he was one of the performers at the venue on Sunday and learned how to play the guitar at college.

He has been playing in Port Aranthus for 20 years and said he likes to interact with the locals at the show. He said Port Aranthus is a great place for local artists to get together.

“Music culture is great. People are laid back and fun. People seem to be here to have a good time,” Dugan said.

Kevin Curts is another local artist from Port Aranthus who plays country music. He quit his construction work to make music his lifestyle and said it worked for himself.

“In the music scene here, there’s always music and something is happening all the time. The weather is great everywhere, good food, good people, great friends,” Kurtz said.

Penny Hamilton said he enjoys coming to Shorty’s Place because he wants to have fun and support local artists.

“I like live music because it alternates, but I also regain my favorites. We’re all part of the show because they’re astounding and not only almost knock down the pouch, but also encourage audience participation,” Hamilton said. Told.

Richard Davis cooks at the bar every Sunday and says music is a great way to connect the community.

“We get together when we need it. It’s a really close community. You don’t have to worry about anything,” Davis said.

Shorty’s Place in Port A celebrates being music friendly Source link Shorty’s Place in Port A celebrates being music friendly

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