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Shots fired in downtown Clemson Saturday morning – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-09-18 22:46:10 –

Clemson, South Carolina (WSPA) – The Clemson Police Department is investigating reports of ammunition fired in downtown on Saturday morning.

Prime Minister Jorge Campos said ammunition was fired on College Avenue shortly after 2 am.

“The bar was empty while it was closed, so when we heard multiple gunshots fired near the College Avenue area, a couple of our officers were about a block apart. “That was, said Campos. “When they rushed to the area, people were scattered. No one was shot. No one went out and said nothing. Witnesses later found how many just north of the Tigertown tavern. I told us there was a fight in front of the company, at which point someone pulled out the gun and cranked off the second round. ”

“So I actually had a friend in downtown,” said Jada Baker, a resident of Clemson. “They were very confused. They were trying to figure out if it was a gunshot or what it was, because it wasn’t what I heard at Clemson.”

According to Campos, one hit an empty store window and the other hit a parked car.

“The suspect fled to the parking lot. We searched the area but couldn’t find anyone or anyone who had direct information about what was happening,” Campos said. Said.

“I’m worried that it will happen again,” said Tisha Adams, also known as the “Uber Queen.” “Now it’s my parents’ weekend here in Clemson, and it’s also Game Day’s weekend.”

When this happened, “Uber Queen” was picking up the rider. “It’s in the heart of downtown, where everyone is, and it’s very scary during bar opening hours,” she said.

On Saturday, Campos said more police were out for everyone’s safety.

“On weekend nights when we play home games, we have additional personnel to help the crowd and the problems we deal with, so we’re working with the Clemson University police station to go downtown and elsewhere. We will deploy two additional organizations to monitor if something similar happens tonight. ”

Despite the shooting, some said it was safe to go out this weekend.

“I honestly feel really safe in this town, even if a shot is fired,” said Hudson Miller.

Others have said they hope that such an incident will never happen again.

“I definitely want the police to catch them. I want to feel safe again in downtown, so of course I’m looking for the best,” Barker said.

“Be vigilant, just like the nights you come to Clemson and other cities,” Campos added. “If you find something that you think is suspicious, say something and report it to the officers.”

If you know anything about this case, call the Clemson police. (864) 624-2000..

Shots fired in downtown Clemson Saturday morning Source link Shots fired in downtown Clemson Saturday morning

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