Should I Date this Person? 5 Things to Check Before Meeting Someone in Real Life

Meeting the right person doesn’t have to be a daunting process anymore since the introduction of dating websites. Matchmaking sites provide a pool of like-minded singles who easily match your interests, all on a dedicated platform to connect and flirt.

That notwithstanding, you will eventually need to meet with your potential partner and get to know them well in person. So, how can you tell the right person to meet up with in real life without putting your life at risk?

Meeting someone for the first time should be fun and exciting. But with the growing cases of scammers on these online dating platforms, you can’t help but be extra cautious.

Below are some of the things you should consider before meeting new acquaintances in real life, not to mention dating them.

1.   Take Time to Know them More

Do not be too quick to meet someone in person. Your security is vital, and it should be your number one priority when mingling on online dating platforms. Scammers are good at first impressions, and they can easily fool you into thinking you are ready to meet them. Take your precious time to get acquainted and determine your similarities. Moreover, avoid individuals who insist on meeting in real life before they even know you.

First, get to know their hobbies, origin, ethnicity, and profession. Additionally, ask about their love life and their preferences in a partner or anything in that line. Ensure you interact a lot online before deciding to meet and test that compatibility. Besides, you could also engage in video calls to see who they are before finally agreeing to meet up with them in person.

2.   Ensure their True Identity Matches their Profiles

Take note that not every person you meet online is genuine or has your best interests at heart. Some people take advantage of online dating platforms to scam others. Individuals with blurry profile pictures or no images at all are big red flags.

Nevertheless, not all profiles with blurry photos are scammers, but it is only safe to avoid such. Prevention is better than cure. Additionally, some individuals are out there to catfish unsuspecting peers.

All in all, how do you verify such profiles?

First, you can request to video chat. If they try to avoid or refuse to engage in the video chat, do not agree to meet them in person. Besides, once you know their real names, phone, or address, you can verify their identity on Nuwber. It is essential to do your due diligence and a background check on any potential partner before taking your relationship to the next level.

3.   Organize Your First Date and Inform People Around You of Your Whereabouts

One sure-fire way to be safe before meeting a person for the first time is to be in control of planning your first date. Since you can never be sure if you will bond with this person on the first date, make it as brief as possible and avoid awkward moments.

Do not opt for lunch dates. Instead, go for coffee dates in a public place. Always ensure it’s somewhere you’ve been before and visit the place before the D-day. Once you feel comfortable with this individual on your first meeting, you can organize another one and spend more time together.

The online world is full of many predators. Hence, make sure you inform a friend or a family member of your whereabouts whenever you plan to meet with a stranger. Agree on a timeline of when you should be done with the meetup and let them know when to start looking for you. In case something happens to you, they will know when and where to start looking.

4.   Be Discreet with Your Personal Data

Exposing too much information about yourself online is a significant risk. The danger of online dating is not only limited to meeting a person in real life. However, what you disclose online also contributes to your vulnerability in the hands of malicious users. Be cautious about what you expose online and avoid revealing your private data to anyone you meet. Critical information includes financial details, your location, and your daily routine.

Sadly, some individuals take advantage of online dating sites for nefarious reasons such as theft, abduction, and corporate spying. You do not want to be a victim of such unscrupulous individuals. Draw the line on what to expose and what not to expose before and during the meet-up. Despite how convincing they may seem, do not get swept away, but stick to your boundaries.

5.   Ensure You Have an Escape Plan

Since you will be meeting up with a stranger, it’s hard to predict the outcome. Make sure you take precautions and have an escape plan. Get a right-hand person that will come to your rescue in case things go south.

Moreover, you can also bring along self-defense gadgets like pepper spray, just in case you need it, and know how to use it. Hopefully, it will not get to that point, but it is better to be safe than sorry in such a situation.

Nonetheless, ensure you are sober throughout the date. Hence, you can be of sound mind. Additionally, you can make the right decisions to save yourself from any situation easily. Your safety is a top priority whenever you’re contemplating a meetup with a stranger.


When it comes to online dating, you can never be entirely safe. However, it can turn out to be a great experience if you are cautious and lucky enough to meet genuine people. Most individuals shift to online dating platforms due to the ease of finding a compatible partner near them. All in all, just like any other type of website, it carries significant risks. The above measures can help protect you from rape, abduction, and scams, among other dangers of online dating.



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