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Should the Tokyo Olympics go on as planned? – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Toshiro Muto, CEO of the Tokyo Organizing Committee, said Tuesday that athletes continue to test positive for the coronavirus, so last-minute cancellations at the Olympics are not excluded.

The Olympics will officially begin following the opening ceremony on Friday. However, there will be some preliminary events ahead, such as a softball and soccer match scheduled for Wednesday.

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When asked if Muto could still cancel the Summer Olympics Reuters And Yahoo sports The CEO reports that he said he would monitor the infection rate and consult with other organizers about the situation if necessary.

“We can’t predict what the number of cases of coronavirus will be,” Muto told the media. “So, if the number of cases surges, we will continue discussions.”
Muto went on to explain that the situation was in flux.

“We agreed to hold another five-party talks based on the coronavirus situation. At this point, coronavirus cases may increase or decrease, so think about what to do when the situation arises.” Said Mr. Muto.

Comments from Muto came the day after Kara Eaker, an alternative to the American women’s gymnastics team, was found to be positive for the coronavirus.

Gymnastics are just one of the list of people who have been certified at the Olympics and tested positive.The organizer said Associated Press On Monday, 71 cases were confirmed, including 31 who were expected to compete or work at the convention.

Due to the current surge in cases of COVID-19 in Tokyo, authorities are keeping spectators out of Olympic events, reducing infections and minimizing health risks.

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Should the Tokyo Olympics go on as planned? Source link Should the Tokyo Olympics go on as planned?

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