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Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-10-22 19:03:30 –

(WKRN) – US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (WKRN)NOAA) Have December, January and February winter weather forecasts announced..

The northwestern counties of the state require slightly higher temperatures and slightly higher rainfall than normal.

So does that mean we don’t see snow or winter precipitation?

Well, we can use it as an example of what can happen last year.

This is because this year’s forecast is about the same as last year’s forecast for our region. La Niña in the Pacific Ocean (cooler than the usual opposite of El Nino) has continued from last year to the present, so there are similar predictions.

So what happened last year?

Temperatures in December and January were certainly higher than normal. But in February it was well below normal. In February, it snowed 5.2 inches.

Tennessee faced a major match on February 14th and 15th with sleet and icy rain. Sleet up to 3 inches in many areas. But in the south and east of central Tennessee, it was all ice, with 1/2-inch to up to 1-inch ice sticking to trees and power lines, causing thousands of power outages.

The next two days were followed by 3-5 inches of fresh snow.

Therefore, even if forecasts of higher than normal temperatures were confirmed, it proved that winter rainfall was still high last year.

So don’t hide those snow sleds yet!

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