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Should you wear a mule outside the house?

over- As many Americans started working from home last year and began lowering style standards, fashion and shoe brands from Nike to Gucci began selling attractive sliding shoes. Many were unique open-back models. These “no need to lift heels” mules may fit into a sloppy home shuffle life. But is there something stylish enough to wear outside? Men’s fashion editor Jacob Gallagher and sports columnist Jason Gay are discussing this issue.

Jason: Can you talk about slippers? Sweatpants and hoodies were the mainstream for spring quarantine chic, but now it’s winter and slippers are everything. Slippers are new sweatpants. Discuss.

Jacob: Slippers keep you warm. It’s a practical justification, but here’s the truth: we’re all lazy. Do you tie your shoelaces? It’s a chore. And no one goes anywhere in the fantasy. So slippers carry the day. Shuffle them into the store. No one judges you.

Jason: Slippers are a blissful lazy option. And I was able to be completely lazy before the pandemic — I was lazy before it cooled down. But for me, slippers are strictly a stay-at-home order. You can wear slides outside, but slippers are paved footwear that you never touch. When slippers go out, it’s ruined. Jacob, are you wandering around the supermarket wearing slippers?

Jacob: It’s by no means a real slipper, but in the summer I wore pool slides on the inside and outside. Since then, I have moved to the open-back rubber Birkenstock with closed toes. They are attractively lazy, but if your eyesight is bad enough, they look a bit like loafers. At least that’s what I tell myself. Where does such a mule fall?

Should you wear a mule outside the house?

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