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Shove over racial slur in meeting draws introspection from victims – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-01-14 19:24:30 –

Right-wing activist Adam Modiset exchanged left-wing activist Jess Eddie hotly and verbally with both hands at a prison trust meeting on January 4.

However, Eddie refused to file a complaint. This was after Jim Anderson, a new sheriff in Oklahoma County, told Eddie in a message that he had reason to complain to Modizet for assault and assault.

White Eddie refused to file a complaint against the white Modizet at a press conference Thursday, as the two black men targeted by Modizet’s provocation did not want Eddie to do so. Stated.

Participants at the press conference have not been contacted by the modifier, even though they have been sending messages for two years. And both say he saw it on social media trying to justify his provocation.


Two black OKC activists apologized to the general public that the emotional reaction to the modizette caused everything and the modizette crushed Eddie.

Local rapper / activist Jabby Williams and activist Austin Mack say Modizet referred to them in N-word. [meaning “nigger”] During the meeting that elicited their reaction.

They both regretted at the press conference and said they were pleased that what was part of the riot was stabbed by the only violence they regretted.

“The reason we attended the prison trust meeting was because of the condition of the prison,” Williams said. “You know, I spent time there in jail, and that’s not where I want to send my worst enemies, so how rough the criminal justice system will be for people I know, so it was important not to do that. “

“I want to set an example and show that I’m not here trying to cause confusion,” Williams continued. “I’m not trying to be rude to anyone. But at the same time … I also want to respect. And that’s all I want, especially as a black man. I know. Is only black. “

The only contact with the turmoil was the modifier push Eddie. Eddie intervened to confront Modizet, who jumped up and tilted his arms as if preparing to fight Mack and Williams.

I sincerely apologize for my actions in the prison that I chose to meet the other day. But that’s something about the N-word and it reaches me, “Mac said. He told white children that he grew up in an environment that was cursed by the word.

“I learned to be a bigger man and a better man to overlook trials and tribulations,” Mack said of it and other recent tests on his temper and patience.

2 years

Williams didn’t mean to say so in a prepared statement at first, but in response to a question from the free press, Modiset told him before some of the complaints he had about Williams. He said he had sent a message “for about two years.”

Then, after hearing Modizet call Mack and him the word, the two-year provocation spilled with an emotional reaction he regrets in the future.

Williams said that despite Modizet sending him a provocative text for two years, Modizet refused to contact him about the brawl.


Pastor Delix Cobay of the Eveniser Baptist Church on the eastern side of the city also spoke at a press conference. He said he wanted to “tilt my hat” on each of the three young men who decided not to complain about the sticking out of the modifier.

Scoby sought to put the situation into the larger context of being black in our society.

“In African-American culture, N-words need to be understood when we hear that most of us send us unimaginable anger,” Scobey said. I am. “It’s such a derogatory word, and that means so many sneaky things we don’t.”

He praised the three for deciding that “if the roles were reversed, they would probably have been prosecuted.”

Call for an interview

I was unable to contact Modisette on Thursday afternoon. But we interview him about his point of view and report it later if he is happy. If you know him, please write a letter to the editor (at) freepressokc (dot) com and encourage him to arrange to talk.

Video from Prison Trust Conference

Below is a video of the January 4th Prison Trust Conference, which was queued until the beginning of the turmoil.

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Shove over racial slur in meeting draws introspection from victims Source link Shove over racial slur in meeting draws introspection from victims

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