Showers and storms possible for some as cold front sweeps through Friday – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-06-10 18:54:19 –

Humidity, not heat! The dew point is in Wichita’s 70’s. This muddy condition is also widespread in western Kansas.

It’s no wonder that this occupies a place of residence and makes it feel gross because of our repeated rains to the south and the flow of our southerly winds. Only Kay County, Oklahoma receives heat recommendations until Friday.

Relief is underway as the cold front is set to pass through Himawari State, but first brings showers and storms scattered across the northern plateau tonight.

Most of Dakota to Nebraska has a moderate risk of stormy weather, where some severe storms can occur in this part of the country, including tornadoes. As the evening progresses, a devastating wind threat takes shape and spills into the southeast.

Watch storms all night to see the number of storms that can occur in southern Nebraska that can affect parts of northern Kansas on Friday morning.

Expect another sultry night in the book while waiting for the cold front to arrive. Some people in northwestern Kansas feel the effects of this dry air, which can cause temperatures to drop by Friday sunrise. Temperatures range from the 1950s to the 1970s throughout the state.

This front creates a gust on the back of the system. Winds can cause gusts of over 50 mph and the first dusty sky in western Kansas on Friday morning.

Temperatures do not change much, but as cold fronts pass through the state, their feeling of air improves throughout the day. In the northwestern part of the state, where the 90s are more common in south-central Kansas, a day from the late 70s to the late 80s is expected.

Where the humidity repopulates on Friday afternoon, before the cold front arrives, the heat index is high. Temperatures will feel as warm as in the late 90’s from south-central Kansas to southeastern Kansas tomorrow afternoon. Reading the 3-digit heat index is even more possible in the southeast.

As the front pushes further south on Friday, the storm will be significantly weakened by the time it reaches the Wichita region.

On a truck heading southeastern Kansas and northern Oklahoma later Friday, new showers and storms are about to bloom in front of the front, near and east of Turnpike.

The likelihood of a severe storm is low in this round, but it is not zero depending on the behavior of the storm. Gusts and hail damage are our main concerns when stronger storms are likely to occur.

By the weekend, the fronts will be washed away and the high pressures of the late 80’s and late 90’s will bring them back to more heat. It is a plus because the humidity drops! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still damp, but not as oppressive as the last few days. High pressures occur in most of the state, but the southwest corner can be hit by several thunderstorms this weekend. For hail and strong winds, one or two strong storms are not out of the question.

As our anticyclone moves east, moisture returns around its backside, causing showers and thunderstorms in western Kansas on Sunday evening.

It moves east at night and weakens. It looks like another storm complex may leave Nebraska on Tuesday. The timing of these possible rains and the expected amount of remaining cloud cover is important as to who is the most toasted, as temperatures vary widely across states.

— Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman

Showers and storms possible for some as cold front sweeps through Friday Source link Showers and storms possible for some as cold front sweeps through Friday

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