Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple

Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple

                          Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple

Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh at Nasik, Maharashtra. Maharashtra is famous for temples dedicated to Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh is one of the major gods in Hindu mythology. No pious event is carried out before seeking his divine blessings. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesh is believed to have an abundance of knowledge. He loves modak, a sweet and rides on a mouse. These characteristic details of his appearance and personality is reflected in the idol housed in Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple.

More about Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple

Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple hosts a history as old as 300 to 400 years. The temple belongs to the period when there existed the reign of the Peshwas in Maharashtra i.e. under the Maratha Empire. The Peshwas were ardent devotees of Lord Ganesh. They had built several temples dedicated to him during their reign in here.

Importance of the idol housed in Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple

Lord Ganesh is known by several names. These include Lambodar, Vignaharta, Ganpati etc. the idol of Lord Ganesha housed in here has captivating eyes. They look lively it feels as if they are communicating with you through their divine power. These names have a unique story associated with them. The temple of Shri Navshya Ganpati too houses a unique form of Lord Ganesh. The idol housed in this temple is famous amongst its followers as ‘Navshya’. As mentioned above this name also has a meaning to it. Lord Ganesh is called ‘Navshya’ because it is said that he grants wishes of the devotees who come to him. He is considered very benevolent and thus is loved by his devotees. It is said that Lord Ganesh answers to the offerings through prayers. Many devotees have and followers have experienced this heavenly act of god.

Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple is visited by a large number of devotees on a daily basis. The temple gets crowded during major Hindu festivals. The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi holds a lot of importance in here. This festival is held over a span of a few days in which Lord Ganesh is welcomed by the devotees and then bid farewell too at the end. People in Maharashtra consider this festival pious and one will hardly find a house which doesn’t celebrate this festivals. Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple is decorated like a newly wedded bride and there is fun and frolic all over the place. One must visit this temple when in Nasik and a visit to this temple during the Ganesh Puja festival will definitely be an icing on the cake.

Historical Background of Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple

Raghoba Peshwa and his wife Anandbai had constructed this temple. On 15th Aug 1764 this royal couple was blessed with a son. They named their child Vinayak. On this very day the village was named Anandvalli. After this this the construction of Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple commenced. Raghoba Peshwa has also built a palace in the village of Anandvalli. Then in the year 1818 Britishers destroyed this very palace. But fortunately the temples housed in here were left untouched.

A Tourist’s Guide

Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple is situated at Anandvalli in nasik on Gangapur Someshwar road. The temple is about 5 km away from the center of the city of Nasik. Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple adds glory to the religious abundance of the city of Nasik. This ancient temple holds surrounds its vicinity with a divine aura. People from all over the state of Maharashtra and other places come to visit Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple to seek Lord Ganesh’s blessings.

Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple is open on all days of the week. Entry is not ticketed here. The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Road Railway Station at a distance of 16 km from here. The nearest airport is from this temple is Gandhinagar Military Airport at a distance of 11 km. public transport like bus, auto and cab is easily available here. One can book a room from the wide array of hotels option present in Nasik and relax.

Shri Navshya Ganpati Temple is housed beside the river Godavari. This adds beauty to the temple. One can spend some lone and peaceful time along the bank of the river. It is a wonderful place for people who are interested in visiting ancient religious places. The age old temple has a rich history associated with it and the religious significance of this temple is spell bounding.

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