Shrine of the Infant Jesus

Shrine of the Infant Jesus

                             Shrine of the Infant Jesus

The Shrine of the Infant Jesus is situated in Nasik Road, Maharashtra. It was founded by FR. Peter Lewis, S. J. This shrine is famous amongst Christians. People of different faiths also visit this place. The Shrine of the Infant Jesus was built by the sweat, blood and devotion of its founder.

History associated with The Shrine of the Infant Jesus

The founder of The Shrine of the Infant Jesus, FR. Peter Lewis, S. J was posted to St. Anne’s Parish at Nasik Road. He had served here for a considerable amount of time here. He found this place very peaceful. Around that time only he had decided to build a shrine in here. In the early years generating funds was a very big task. He used to go to village sin search of alms. But FR. Peter Lewis, S. J was fortunate to find a torch bearer for him. He met an ardent devotee of the almighty and suggested him to start this devotion for the infant Jesus. She even gave him her savings for carrying out this noble cause. So, in this things got brighter and what was once a vision turned into reality in the form of a shrine. FR. Peter Lewis, S. J had links with St. Xavier’s School and hence the shrine is housed in the school campus. The Shrine of the Infant Jesus was completed in the February 1970. Since then this place has been a major place of importance and divinity. Hoards of devotees come in here to get a glimpse of the infant Jesus in order to seek his blessings. The sheer devotion of FR. Peter Lewis, S. J led him on the path of successful completion of the shrine.

A Tourist’s Guide

The Shrine of the Infant Jesus remains open on all days of the week from 6 am to 9 pm. Masses are conducted in here in English. Sunday masses commence at 6:30 am. The Shrine of the Infant Jesus welcomes people of all faiths to participate in the religious prayers and services.

Public transport is easily available here. The nearest railway head from The Shrine of the Infant Jesus is Nasik Road Railway Station. One can offer money to the infant Jesus commonly known as ‘Love Offering’ through cheque, DD and MO.

The Shrine of the Infant Jesus has this trend of mass offering. People can also write petitions and request to the infant Jesus. All petitions are placed on the Altar during the Perpetual Novena Masses on Thursdays at particular timing.

If one is in need of personal guidance on spiritualism or confessions and counseling then one can meet the Chaplain or the Assistant Chaplains here. A conversation with these learned people definitely take away one’s sorrow and confusion.

The shrine houses has the facility of Pilgrim houses for the convenience of pilgrims. Lodging is available only for pilgrim families in here. Food offered here in the canteen is as palatable has homemade food. In addition to this there also exists Retreat house next to the Pilgrim house.

An annual fest known as the Shrine Fest is organized here. Many devotees take part in it and dwell in the love of the supreme.

The overall ambience of this place is serene. The calm environment of this place has the potential to make one forget about one’s worries and difficulties. Infant Jesus is considered very blessed and is revered by many. Sundays are hoarded by huge crowds of pilgrims and devotees. The Shrine of the Infant Jesus looks all merry during Christmas. One must visit this place when in Nasik.

Vaagisha Singh

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