The state of Maharashtra in India is a hub for lovers of trekking. Maharashtra houses a good number of hill forts which have become popular as famous trekking destinations. While some are easy, others are pretty tough too. One must choose wisely before going to a particular trekking destination. Siddhgad Bhimashankar Trek is a rather tough one and will keep one on one’s toes throughout the trek.

Siddhgad is a famous hill fort. It has an interesting historical background to it and in addition to this several stories revolve around the very fort. The top of the very hill on which this fort is situated is a plateau. It houses several relics, rock cut steps, temples and carvings. In addition to this there also exists caves in the vicinity too. A visit to Siddhgad will definitely be a memorable experience.

More about Siddhgad Fort

Siddhgad Fort is considered to be the highest fort in Maharashtra in terms of altitude. The mountain on which it is housed resembles the shape of a pyramid and is a part of the Western Ghats. It is cut off from the main mountain and separated in a peculiar way. It looks like a W shaped valley and it can also looks like it is in the shape of a ship. These elements give a unique air to the overall structure of the fort. One prominent historical event that had happened here was that freedom fighters like Veer Kotwai and Hiraji Patil were shot near the fort by the Britishers in the year 1943.

The Britishers used to fire from the opposite hill at Siddhgad in order to destroy it. What remains toady of the fort is in ruins. There exists several relics, ruins of certain rooms and stone work. It is also said that a sage used to mediate in the cave housed in it but later on it migrated somewhere else. The walls of this fort resonates the past of this place.

What to do when at Siddhgad

While on one hand Siddhgad is famous for the hill fort housed in here, another important tourist attraction is the huge influx of trekkers to this place. Trekkers can find food at the base village but one has to help oneself for bites while during the trek. Accommodation facility is available at Narveli and Khandas. There exists two trekking routes to reach the top of the fort, one from the village of Narivali and another from Borwadi village. The trek is tough indeed but full of surprises. In addition to an unforgettable trekking experience this place gives a visitor the unique opportunity to interact with the villagers living in here and know about their culture. This in itself is an enriching experience.

Siddhgad provides a spectacular view of the Western Ghats. In addition to this there exists a lake named Jambhurde lake which provides a wonderful view of the Siddhgad Mountain. One can take some wonderful pictures when in here. It is a paradise for photography fanatics and especially for the ones who are interested in landscape photography.

The ones who are search of peace will definitely find a safe haven in this place. The calm surroundings of Siddhgad soothes one’s mind, body and soul.

A Tourist’s Guide

Siddhgad is situated in. It is open throughout the year and entry is not ticketed here. Trekkers should preferably opt for visiting this place during the winter season and definitely avoid the monsoon season. Reaching this place by road is very feasible. One can take a S.T. Bus from Pune to Kalyan and from Kalyan to Murbad. From here one can hire a vehicle to reach the base village of Narivali. The nearest railway stations from here is Kalyan Railway Station and Karjat Railway Station. The nearest airport from Siddhgad is Mumbai Airport. One can find good accommodation options in the nearby city of Mumbai.

Siddhgad is a tourist location full of myriad fun experiences. From history fanatics to photography lovers and adventure seekers love this place equally. Nature lovers find solace in here. The ones who are willing to leave behind their busy schedules and get a breath of fresh air must visit Siddhgad once in their lifetime.

Vaagisha Singh

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