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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-01-10 09:30:11 –

As a Milwaukee-born black journalist and vintage film enthusiast who has recorded all my important interviews, my first encounter with a black film actor was in 1943, a cheeky young man. Rough weather.. It featured great singers and dancers in a threat-free role.I didn’t see the 1939s Gone with the wind Up to Oscar-winning Hattie McDaniel and one of the re-releases a few years later.

One of the highlights of my long career was the welcome discovery of the deceased and serious Sidney Poitier, who had just died last week at the age of 94. This happened in his sensitive yet powerful role as a young South African minister in the 1952s. Shout out the beloved country.. And I remember it was only yesterday.

A few years ago, I told Poichie that he was more impressed with his work as an idealistic doctor in the 1950s. Being cornered.. In it, he had to endure vulgar and anti-black adjectives by ridiculing racist gangster Richard Widmark.

“What did you think about it?” I asked him during our intimate and personal 1963. Milwaukee Star Interview after appearing at the Strand Theater on West Wisconsin Avenue Lily in the field, He won an Academy Award.

“Widmark was a great actor and a really nice person. He wasn’t a racist,” he told me. “In fact, Widmark apologized to me during the shoot break. I told him to forget it, we were just acting.” Then I like his job It was Lily, I very much liked him playing a tougher role — caused a smile.

In 1988, between us New York Daily News In an interview at the hotel, my favorite role for him was the tense Cold War drama of 1965. Bedford case.. In it, he played a prominent magazine writer and again co-starred with Widmark.His reply: “Why do you like it so much? Most people interviewing me say they like it. Rebellious.. “

“Sure, you were great in it,” I said. “And so was Tony Curtis.” You understood it correctly, “Poitier commented on the 1958 groundbreaking black-and-white buddy film. “Tony was a very underrated actor.”

“But as a black journalist who struggled to get it done,” I continued. Bedford case In particular, how did you push Widmark, the prewar captain of a nuclear naval vessel? You really brought it to him. “

Long memory

“Thank you, man,” he said. “By the way, I remember you from Milwaukee in 1963. I have a long memory.”

Before the end, I said I recently came across Harry Belafonte, who frequently co-stars with his companions walking along Madison Avenue. “He looked great, and so did you.”

In conclusion, I said: “By the way, why did you play a teenage high school student in the 1955s when you were 28? Violence classroom.. ”

“I am the same,” he laughed.

Rest assured, Sydney. You were the best

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