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Houston (KIAH) If you’re out in the heat of these summer temperatures, be aware of the signs and symptoms of heat stroke.

Signs and symptoms of heat stroke

They include:

  • headache.
  • Dizziness and confusion.
  • Loss of appetite and feeling sick.
  • Excessive sweating and pale moist skin.
  • Spasms in the arms, legs, and stomach.
  • Fast breathing or pulse.
  • High temperature of 38 ℃ or higher.
  • I’m very thirsty.

The Mayo Clinic describes heat stroke as follows:

“Usually a condition caused by overheating of the body as a result of prolonged exposure to high temperatures or physical exercise. This most serious form of burns, heat stroke, has a body temperature of 104 F (40 C) or higher. It can occur if it rises.

Urgent treatment is required for heat stroke. Untreated heat stroke can quickly damage the brain, heart, kidneys, and muscles. Delayed treatment worsens the injury and increases the risk of serious complications and death. “

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What to do if you have heat stroke

  • Call 911 right away-Heat stroke It is emergency medical care.
  • Move people to a cool place.
  • Please help lower the person temperature With a cold cloth or a cold bath.
  • Do Do not give the person a drink.

Signs, symptoms of a heat stroke and what to do Source link Signs, symptoms of a heat stroke and what to do

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