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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-06-15 14:29:33 –

** Previously aired video shows coverage of Biles-Thomas’ arrest in 2019 **

Cleveland, Ohio (WJW / AP) — A common petition court in Kaiyahoga County has acquitted Olympic Gymnastics Champion brother Tevin Bills Thomas today. Simone Biles, In a trial in which he was charged with triple murder.

After the ruling, a person in the gallery was charged with the defendant, but was detained by court officials and security forces. The woman who charged him shouted, “You killed my baby!” Before she reached Biles-Thomas, three deputy sheriffs worked on the woman.

U.S. Army soldiers 2018 New Year’s Eve party shoot in Cleveland Three people were killed: 19-year-old Del Vaunte Johnson, 21-year-old Toshaun Banks, and 23-year-old De Vaughn Gibson.

Officials said the shooting occurred when a group of men arrived uninvited to the party.

Judge Joan Sinenberg Declared a fraudulent trial This was done by a lawyer and prosecutor at Tevin Bills Thomas, after a jury said last month that he had inadvertently read a legal document contained in the evidence submitted for review. Included was a copy of the statutory document discussing whether Bills Thomas may have acted in self-defense. ..

All 12 juries told the judge on the third day of the May 24 deliberations that this could have affected them.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Simone Biles’ brother acquitted Source link Simone Biles’ brother acquitted

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