Simone Biles will play in the balance beam final in Tokyo

Tokyo — Simone Biles will be competing in the balance beam final at the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday, US gymnastics said. She withdrew from other qualified individual finals because of mental health issues.

Beam is her last chance to play in the 2020 game.

USA Gymnastics said Snilly will also be in the final.

The 24-year-old Biles won the bronze medal in Rio de Janeiro five years ago and competed in the finals of eight women at the Ariake Gymnastics Center on the first weekend of the tournament.

She withdrew from the team final on July 27 after performing an unstable performance on the vault during the first rotation. She watched three American teammates finish the tournament without her from bystanders. The United States won the silver medal behind a team known as the Russian Olympic Committee.

Simone Biles of Team USA stumbled upon landing after participating in the vault in the women’s team final on the fourth day of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics held at the Ariake Gymnastics Center on July 27, 2021.

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Biles participated in all five individual event finals, but broke out of four: all-round, vaulting, floor exercises, and uneven bars. Lee won the gold medal all-round and became the fifth consecutive American to win a marquee title in sports.

Biles said she was dealing The problem surrounding air perception, called “twisty” In her sport.

“I can’t even understand the twist. I can’t really understand how to twist it,” Biles wrote on Instagram, trying to explain how the twist feels. “The strangest and strangest things, and emotions.”

“I’m honestly petrifying that my mind and body are out of sync when I try to develop my skills,” she explained. “10/10 is not recommended.”

“You can’t literally tell from bottom to top. It’s the crazyest feeling I’ve ever had. I can’t control your body by an inch,” she continued. “More scary is that I don’t know where I am in the air, so I don’t know how to land, or what I’m landing on. Put my head / hands / feet back …”

Biles also continued to defend her decision to withdraw from the competition for her own safety.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Simone Biles will play in the balance beam final in Tokyo

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