Simone Biles wins bronze medal at Olympic balance beam-Hollywood Life

After withdrawing from the Olympic team finals and other individual events, Simone Biles made a solid return in the balance beam final on August 3.

Simone Biles I returned to the stadium on Tuesday, August 3rd. The 24-year-old gymnast participated in the balance beam final. Tokyo Olympics After withdrawing from last week’s women’s team finals and other individual events because of the need to focus on her mental health. Six Olympic medalists join her teammate, the all-round gold medalist Suni Lee, On Tuesday’s balance beam, he brought back a bronze medal following the Chinese Olympic athletes. Kanman When Kara Akane Kasumi, Those who have won gold and silver respectively. She previously finished third in the Balance Beam at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

With her new medal, Simone officially holds seven Olympic medals. Shannon Miller As the most award-winning Olympic gymnast in American history. Simone also continues to hold the gold medal record for American gymnasts, with four under her belt. This performance on the balance beam was the first time she had appeared in Tokyo in a full week.Simone Withdraw from the team final Earlier last week, after an unstable performance in the vault.With teammates Jordan Childs Team USA won the silver medal as she stepped on the uneven bars and balance beam on her behalf.

Simone Biles will be competing in the Olympics. (Shutterstock)

While talking to reporters after withdrawing from the tournament, Simone said she needed to focus on her mental health. “I didn’t want to go to other events after the show, so I thought I’d take a step back,” she said. “I must focus on my mental health and not endanger my health and well-being.” Simone finally said the individual all-round finals, and the individual immediately afterwards. Withdrew from the final of the floor, vault, and uneven bars. In a series of Instagram stories shared on July 29, Simone further explained that while spinning in the air, she suffered from what is called “literally unable to see from bottom to top” and “twisty.” did.

“I didn’t quit because of those who say I quit,” Simone wrote with her clip practicing. “My mind and body are simply out of sync.” She added, “I don’t think you understand how dangerous this is in terms of hardware / competition.” “Physical health is I’m mentally healthy. “

Simone’s decision to prioritize her mental health has been received Wide range of support from celebrities And fans as well.Fellow gymnasts and Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman,singer Justin Bieber, And broadcasters Hoda Kotb These are just a few of the celebrities who sent love to Olympic gymnasts following her withdrawal.

Simone Biles wins bronze medal at Olympic balance beam-Hollywood Life

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