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Simpsonville public works cleans up 2,000 pounds of trash from interstate – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-03-04 17:02:36 –

Simpsonville, South Carolina (WSPA) – Interstate highway debris is common.
One northern city put things in their hands when they realized the problem was out of control.

The city of Simpsonville has picked up over 2,000 pounds of trash from the interstate highway, and they say that’s not what they normally do.

Andy West, Head of Public Works at Simpsonville, said:

He says his team was trying to play their part.

“I felt we would go out and pick up the trash as the interstates divide our city and serve the people in the city,” West said.

“It looked terrible, and we knew we needed to do something about it,” said Pete Lup, director of the Simpsonville Street division.

He said the project brought all his hands to the deck.

“It took me nine hours because I had 10 men, 10 employees, a full-time employee, and two part-timers,” Lupu said.

The cleaned up 3 miles are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport.

“Even if Dot keeps it, it’s like when everyone gets together and works towards a common goal,” West said.

However, during the pandemic, the Correctional Bureau canceled a program to help prisoners pick it up.

“We could see if that would work pretty well, no prisoners we rely on, but I know cities that rely on prisoners as if they were pulled from them pretty quickly. “I have,” West said.

Currently, DOT contracts the crew to pick up the cargo, but it often happens only shortly before mowing is scheduled or when a problem is notified.

“This is something we haven’t seen before, but it’s much more now,” Lup said.

However, Simpsonville has decided to help and clean up this time.

“We just threw everything we had for the day,” West said.

To find out how much trash is left on the side of the road, DOT hosted a state-wide cleanup in the fall, with 1,700 employees collecting over £ 209,000 of trash.

“To be honest, it looks like there’s a lot of trash from an 18-wheeled vehicle, but not so much for residential trash,” West said.

And Simpsonville has a message to those who are causing the problem.

“It’s our city. Let’s keep it as pristine as possible,” Lup said.

Simpsonville public works cleans up 2,000 pounds of trash from interstate Source link Simpsonville public works cleans up 2,000 pounds of trash from interstate

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