Singapore launches unquarantine trip to 10 countries

Singapore has eased one of the world’s toughest pandemics and launched unquarantine travel contracts with 10 countries after nearly 21 months of border closures.

Vaccinated people will be free to travel to eight countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Canada. This is because while the city-state is tentatively reopening, its regional rival, Hong Kong, shows little sign of lifting strict restrictions. Singapore has already launched a travel lane with Germany in September and a non-quarantine trip with South Korea will begin in November.

Reopening of Asian financial hubs by other countries in the region, including Thailand and Australia Began to relax Travel restrictions.

The move was announced by the Government of Singapore this month, with thousands of foreign workers and foreign workers trying to get home, causing airline websites to crash and ticket prices to skyrocket.

Singapore Airlines’ share price has recovered to its highest level since April after the decision, rising 8% from its announcement on October 9.

Steven Phua, director of travel agency Rave Group, receives 10 to 20 calls a day, well above pre-pandemic levels, and goes home with local Singaporeans who want to spend their vacation abroad.

“I agree with the government’s policy on staying safe, but it was very important for Singapore to finally reopen,” he said. Tickets for Rave’s online booking system are “jumping out of the shelves,” he added.

The reopening of some borders could help stop the outflow of foreign workers, Singapore’s $ 344 billion economy is heavily dependent on during a pandemic. The country recently reported that the foreign population, including foreigners, students and migrant workers, decreased by 10.7% in June compared to a year ago.

The European Chamber of Commerce has stated that reopening is “important” and business groups are encouraging looser border restrictions.

VTL offers amnesty from Singapore Strict social distance restrictions.. However, despite switching from the Covid-zero approach to a virus-coexisting approach, Singapore’s national rules are still limited. Music in the restaurant is banned to prevent the spread of the virus, but up to two people can eat together in the restaurant.

Many Singaporeans are complaining about the discomfort of allowing relatively easy international travel while using social media channels to enforce these strict domestic regulations.

Singapore Airlines’ website was temporarily unavailable after it was announced that the travel ban would be relaxed, and the company cited “technical issues.”

A British expert in the city who waited a few days before buying a return flight to London said the delay raised the ticket price for a family of five from about S $ 5,000 (US $ 3,700) to $ 10,000. Lamented.

The requirements of travelers on VTL have also caused confusion, and many seek expert advice.

“We need to explain the rules to uncertain customers, but we also need to check various government websites to understand the requirements,” said SA Tours, which specializes in group travel, primarily for local Singaporeans. Says Kay SweePin, Managing Director of Singapore.

She said it would be difficult to make a group reservation, given that the airline is still flying a small portion of the flights it took before the pandemic.

“The price is definitely high, about 20 percent higher,” Kay said.

Singapore launches unquarantine trip to 10 countries

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