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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — The dream of becoming a homeowner for one Tucson mom is now becoming a nightmare. After moving home with her two children, she soon discovered a bad sewer problem.

“This is a secret that is literally and figuratively buried,” said Graciela Martinez. “And it needs to stand up. Someone needs to answer this.”

Glaciera Martinez bought a Tucson home for $ 158,000. After living there with her girl for a few days, she discovered that her dream home had a big problem.

“When you take a shower, sewage comes out of your toe drain,” said Graciella.

Martinez called a plumber home after the toilet was clogged, but only discovered a major sewage problem underneath the house. She says experts estimated that the cost of repairing her sewer would be over $ 14,000.

Her real estate agent, Anthony Sotero, states that the property was an investment property and there was no disclosure of sewage issues. When they ordered the inspection, he says the problem was not caught.

“After the home inspection, there was nothing in the home inspection report to validate the videoscope or other types of inspection,” Sotero said. “That’s why we moved forward.”

So what did the seller know about sewage? Documents validated by KGUN 9 show the name of the seller whose sewerage pipeline modification in 2020 is estimated at $ 14,500 from Cummings Plumbing.

KGUN 9 talked with Corey Larson, a real estate attorney who has nothing to do with the seller or buyer of this story. We asked what Arizona law is about disclosing such issues. Investment real estate that did not disclose the seller’s assets is also known as SPDS.

“Maybe you haven’t been given SPDS,” Larson said. “No disclosure. Seller is obliged to disclose known potential defects, known hidden defects.

“The last time I was taking a shower, I wondered why it was draining and starting to drain and I could see the rest of the toilet paper,” Martinez said. “You can see the stool, it’s just a complete and complete mess.”

The confusion she says she knew even her neighbors.

“The neighbors don’t have the same problem, but they told me that the previous owner had the same problem and there was always a plumber here,” Martinez said. “And it’s an ongoing problem for everyone living here, and she told me she would sell your home soon.”

Martinez and her two girls temporarily live in a rental home. Meanwhile, she left a mortgage in a house she couldn’t live in.

“I feel like I’m waking up to a nightmare every day. You know I’m supposed to celebrate and not get into the sewer or toilet dumps. “Masu,” said Martinez. “That is, I’m scared because the kids aren’t stable. That is, we can’t live here. We move to this place and stay overnight at a friend’s house … and I I’ve never lived like this before. It’s scattered. “

KGUN 9 has contacted the seller and his realtor, but has not yet asked for comment.

For those looking to buy a home, Elect Kim Clifton, chairman of the Tucson Real Estate Agents Association, says he will definitely get a licensed real estate agent.

“When you go through a home inspection, make sure you’re using a professional,” says Clifton. “It’s like a little investment in a huge real estate you might be buying. The American Dream is a homeowner. Realtors don’t always know what they can do, so due diligence and homework. I want to make sure I’m doing it. It may not be important to you. “

Clifton says buyers should also have a sewer scope inspection.

Sewer scope inspection

For tips on other homebuyers, see Go to azre.gov/consumers/..

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