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Ariel Papas’ van broke down on Thanks for the Memories

The Ariel Papas minivan was stripped off on November 29, 2021 after a failure at I-205 near Exit 22 in Portland (courtesy of Jessica Carlo).

KOIN, Oregon — During Thanksgiving, Ariel Papas drove to a friend’s house for dinner when a minivan broke down on I-205 near the bridge just before Exit 22. rice field. The side of the highway.

She left the van along the shoulder of the freeway and went to Thanksgiving dinner when a friend picked her up. Later that night, another friend tried to jump start her minivan, but that didn’t work.

The next day, Papas said he called for a minivan tow. However, when the driver of the tow truck arrived, the van was knocked down on the wheels. She said the thief robbed the catalytic converter and some other engine parts. Inside Vand, an overhead light panel was stolen, and a thief tried to steal the radio.

“They tried to pry open the plastic around the radio to steal it, but eventually gave up,” Papas told KOIN6 News. “That is, it’s just life. You have to take it and deal with it as it progresses. So I was thinking more, for example, OK, what’s the next step?”

Papas, a toddler and a 3-year-old single mom, now has to find a ride to her full-time job. But she doesn’t allow financial setbacks, especially those very close to Christmas, to overwhelm her.

“I believe it will all be understood in some way,” she told KOIN6 News.

Ariel Papas’ GoFundMe

Portland police officials said more than 1,000 vehicles were stolen in October. Her minivan wasn’t stolen, but most of her car’s valuable parts were stolen.

Papas submitted a police report, but said she believed it was of no use.

Organized by her friends GoFundMe will help her in some way.

Single mom’s van broke down on I-205, stripped by thieves Source link Single mom’s van broke down on I-205, stripped by thieves

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