Single Spencer Robertson hits Clare Crawley after Dale Split

Don’t waste your time! Single Alum Spencer Robertson Asked immediately Clare Crawley After the news that she split from her fiancé Dale Moss It broke on Tuesday, January 19th.

“Coffee @clare crawley?” 30-year-old Robertson wrote through his Instagram story on Tuesday afternoon.

Lives in San Diego, California Taisia ​​Adams‘Half of season 16 SinglePicked up after Crawley, 39, left the show early, following a suggestion from Moss, 32, after meeting at the show in July 2020.

Spencer Robertson and Clare Crawley Courtesy Spencer Robertson / Instagram; ABC / Maarten de Boer

After graduating from the University of Oregon, Robertson won a rise in Adams’ first impression and his first kiss.

Upon joining the cast, a former lacrosse player joked about Crawley’s departure and said, “So who scared Claire?” He was eliminated in the three weeks of the season.

Crawley made a first impression of the season on Moss, who was engaged at the finale on November 5, 2020. A 39-year-old from Sacramento, California, she left her bachelor after just two weeks of filming as she fell head over heels from South Dakota.

We weekly On Tuesday, we confirmed that a hair stylist and a former athlete split after less than a year of dating.

Moss talked about farewell via Instagram on the same day, saying the pair decided to go on different paths.

“Thanks for the love and support we have received from many, this is the healthiest decision for both of us at the moment,” he writes. “We strongly believe in leading with love and always being loyal to ourselves. This is what our families have taught and taught throughout our lives. We are the best of each other. I just want something. “

Single Spencer Robertson asks Clare Crawley after Dale Moss confirms the split
Taicia Adams and Spencer Robertson ABC

Sources said We At that time there was a “serious problem” in the relationship before the separation.

The duo, last filmed together on January 9, evoked split speculation earlier this month after being discovered on separate beaches after a joint New Year’s Eve celebration.

The· Bachelor’s degree in paradise Alum shared a photo of her holding her mother’s hand while visiting her at her hometown of Alzheimer’s disease treatment facility on Thursday, January 14th.

The next day, Moss posted a mysterious message about love, along with a photo of his parents hugging him as a baby.

Through Instagram, he writes about a happy family: “Life is simple and we tend to make it too complicated.”

Moss also shared a photo of a mobile box and his video in New York City over the past few days, making some fans think he was single.

“Claire was the main cause of the division,” sources said exclusively. We After the news of the dissolution became a hot topic.

Insiders said their relationship “caused friction with Dale’s friends and family.”

Crawley previously competed Juan Pablo Garabis‘Season Bachelor’s degree Before finding love in 2014 Bachelor winter game 4 years later.The stylist has engaged a fellow athlete Benowa Beausejour-Subard It will end in February 2018 after 2 months before calling it.

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Single Spencer Robertson hits Clare Crawley after Dale Split

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