“Single” Virgin Mike Planeta confesses that he is a “slip-up”

He is not a saint!The· Singleof Mike Planeta Later became frank about his sexual experience His virginity It became a big storyline in Season 17 of the ABC series.

“I’m not the perfect little guy like the golden boy, as you know,” said 31-year-old Mike on Tuesday, July 20th.speak“Podcast. “Hey, I’m a very flawed person. Similarly, I’m very flawed.”

Was a former baseball player Removed from reality series After his first one-on-one date Katie Thurston In an episode on Monday, July 19, he explained that he did some things in the bedroom but wasn’t having sex.

Mike Planeta. ABC / Craig Sjodin

“I’m very open about this. I may not have sex, like sexBut I slipped and had oral sex, “he confessed. “For me, it’s the moment that actually tells me the importance of why I’m actually having sex on such a pedestal, like when I slipped twice and did those things. It was one of them. “

Native Californians say that sex is “like a bond and a connection. For example, if you don’t communicate or discuss many of these things, you can hide many problems.” explained.

He said He is saving himself for marriage, He is a “very sexual man” and does not call himself a “saint”. He added that the character of television believes that there should be no such “stigma” for those who choose to wait.

“When people think someone is waiting, they think, [they’re a] Brag or not interested in sex Or they don’t want to have these things, “said Mike. “No, I probably have 10 times all these urges, right? These are the urges I have to fight every day, but that’s not mine.”

He said having sex with his wife for the first time was the “right context” for him to completely entrust himself to someone, adding that his faith “allows me to take a step back.” He thinks about how sex affects him, but how it affects the woman he is interested in.

Last month Mike commented Why he keeps being committed Being a virgin while appearing on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast.

“If you really were convicted of something like this-and to me, I told Katie this and she started laughing, so I was convicted, [but] God truly believes in the earliest to grab the most rotten, “Mike told the podcast co-organizer. Becca Kufrin And Taisia ​​Adams In June. “I was one of the most rotten people when I was born. [God] It was like, “I can’t really experience these things because I’m in trouble.”

Former athlete Explained his abstinence It had a positive impact on his ability to love someone, even though some might think.

“One of my greatest desires is obviously to have sex with my wife. It’s like,” Okay, then you need to work before you can be given that gift. ” It is a thing. correct? That’s the way I see it, “he said. “If you’re a man and it’s something you’re struggling with, or you’re worried about owning it, but you’re doing it for a reason, you’re guilty I’ll be sentenced … why. “

Single Broadcast on ABC Monday at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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“Single” Virgin Mike Planeta confesses that he is a “slip-up”

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