Nasik holds various cities and structures of historical importance in the state of Maharashtra. One such city is the city of Sinnar. This ancient city has a rich cultural and historical background. Sinnar also houses structures of religious importance. One of them is the Gondeshwar Temple. When in here one can also visit the Gargoti Museum nearby. Sinnar gives a visitor a number of opportunities to explore. Tourists flock in here all around the year to experience the beauty of this city.

Historical Background of Sinnar

The history of this city dates back to 850-1334. The city is the living testimony of the power and decline of the Yadava dynasty. The Yadava dynasty ruled a kingdom stretching from the Tungabhadra to the Naramada Rivers, including Maharashtra, north Karnataka and parts of Madhya Pradesh. this expansive kingdom was in its full glory until the advent of the Mughals. The capital city of the Yadava Dyansty was Devagiri, present day Daulatabad in Maharashtra. Alauddin Khiji in the year 1294 cnquested the Daulatabad Fort and this led to the downfall of this very dynasty. This was followed by the subsequent conquest in the year 1312 by Alauddin’s General, Malik Kafur. This resulted in the killing of the memebers of the Yadava clan and as result of which the illustrious Yadava end saw its end.

Cultural Background of Sinnar

As mentioned earlier Sinnar housed the majestic Gondeshwar Temple. This temple was built during the reign of the Yadava Kingdom. The Gondeshwar Temple is the best preserved example of the mediaeval temples of the Deccan. It is built in the Indo-Aryan style. This means that the temple reflects both the elements of native Indian and the Aryan elements in its construction. This temple is a popular tourist stop. People from all over the world come to visit this age old marvel.

Architecture of Gondeshwar Temple

The Gondeshwat Temple is built in the Hemadpanthi style of architecture. This unique style of architecture was popularized by Hemadri Pandit. Hemadri Pandit was also known as Hemadpant and he was a minister in the court of the Yadava Dynasty.

The temple is built out of black stone and lime. The temple is full of intricate designs. This temple exhibits the skill and the local craftsmanship of the city during that period of time. A sight of these fine carvings and panels makes one wonder about the tools and techniques that were used at that time to erect such a magnificent structure. The black stone by this this structure is made was locally available. The Gondeshwar temple has endured centuries of devastation and destruction. This temple in a way exhibits the glory of the Yadava Dynasty.

The Gondeshwar Temple is a Shaiva Panchayatan type of temple. In other words this temple has a central Shiva shrine and it is surrounded by temples of Sri Parvati, Sri Ganapati, Surya Bhagwan and Lord Vishnu. This temple is housed within a large enclosure.

The Gondeshwar Temple is an architectural marvel. One cannot find a single flaw in its design and proportion. It truly captivates one’s mind, body and soul. The aura of this place is serene and divine. It makes one admire and appreciate the majesty of ancient India.

A visit to this temple is a must for people who love exploring ancient structures. It is also ideal for people who on the spiritual side. The calm environment of this place is soothing. The architecture of this museum is so great that all it does is attract positive energy. A visit to Gondeshwar Temple will get you pumped for the days ahead.

 About Gargoti Museum

Gargoti Museum is also housed in the city of Sinnar. This museum is India’s first and only gem, fossil and mineral museum. It is also the world’s biggest Private gem and mineral museum. A visit to this museum will definitely be an enriching experience. Entry is ticketed here. It is Rs.100 per person. The Gargoti Museum remains open from 10 am to 10 pm.

A Tourist’s Guide

Sinnar is an industrial town 30 km southeast of Nasik. It is a city and a municipal council in Sinnnar taluka of Nasik district. One can easily find public transport and other transportation facilities in this city. If you are planning a stay then that is also not a big deal. There are multiple accommodation option in the city itself.

A visit to this city will definitely be an enriching experience. One plan a holiday and explore the ancient cultural abundance of this city.

Vaagisha Singh

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