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Sisolak says Nevada getting first 150 Afghans for resettlement – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-09-21 22:45:00 –

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Governor Steve Sisorak will speak at the Nevada COVID-19 Response, Relief and Recovery Task Force press conference held at the Sawyer State Capitol on Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

Carson City — The U.S. Department of State plans to reset 150 Afghans in Nevada, with about 100 expected to go to the northern region, including Reno and Sparks, and about 50 to the Las Vegas region. Said Governor Steve Sisorak’s office on Tuesday.

Immediate resettlement plans have not been revealed, and the Governor’s Office is not available for immediate interviews “due to their security concerns” to those who first arrive under the Federal Afghanistan Deployment Assistance Program. Said.

In a statement, Mr. Sisorak said the state was waiting for the federal government to contact him about how many Afghan refugees and special migrant visa holders would eventually be sent to Nevada.

“Nevada will and will continue to be a welcoming state for all,” said the Governor of the Democratic Party. “I am proud of our long-standing tradition of fleeing refugees and other qualified people from persecution and resetting them for fear of the lives and safety of them and their families.”

Mr Sisorak said his New American Governor’s Office operates through a Catholic charity in southern Nevada that acts as the state’s Refugee Resettlement Administration.

Thomas Roberts Deacon, President and Chief Executive Officer of Catholic Charities in Southern Nevada, said the lack of affordable housing was a key factor in allocating 50 people to southern Nevada and 100 people to the north. Said.

He also said that there is a difference in services and benefits available through regular Catholic charities services and services provided to evacuees in Afghanistan.

Biden administration Set a goal of accepting 125,000 refugees And his family will go to America next year.

As president, Donald Trump limited the number of refugees to 15,000. This is the lowest since the refugee law of 1980 came into force. President Joe Biden faced criticism after taking office, only raising the cap to 62,500.

Despite the recent evacuation from Afghanistan, the US will fall below that number by September 30 at the end of the fiscal year, officials said.

Biden is asking Congress to approve $ 30 billion for resettlement and special immigrant visas for Afghanistan and their families. Many evacuees worked with the US military and intelligence agencies during the 20-year war.

The Biden administration announced last week that about 37,000 arrivals would be resettled across the United States.

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