Sister wife Christine Brown, “rough” Kodi’s relationship

There are ups and downs in every relationship. Following Sunday, April 4th Sister’s wife — Focusing on that Cody BrownFight with the first wife Meri Brown — A new promotion reveals that another of his wives is unhappy.

“We have had a rough relationship for a couple of years.” Christine Brown Said at Sneak Peak. Kodi, 52, said: Frankly, multiple marriages are not the challenge I enjoy. “

Christine, 48, and Kodi, 52, tied a knot in 1994 and shared six children.However, for all relationships Tested in a coronavirus pandemic, The family cannot spend time with each other.

Cody Brown and Christine Brown Christine Brown / Instagram Courtesy

Cody during the Sunday episode Opened to Meri, 50, hinted at how he felt overall about polygamy, and the problems that are occurring in one of his other marriages.

“I’m always under great pressure to meet my wife’s emotional needs. I’m sometimes not interested in being satisfied,” a Wyoming native confirmed at the time. Did not talk about Meri.. “I have a wife who never gets happy. Basically, in every year we thought we were happy, she wasn’t.”

He also admitted that someone in the family was wondering — Kodi is also married Robin brown And Janel Brown — There is really a “benefit” from their situation anymore.

“People who have been happy for years couldn’t just go away and find something to make them happy, instead of sitting and badged me about what I wasn’t doing right anymore. I wonder. “He said. “This is not what I want. I didn’t sign up.. “

Kodi said, “You don’t have to make a big split,” but he’s looking for change.

“Instead, what I want is a great commitment that everyone actually does their part and doesn’t leave it to me alone or always blame me,” he said. “Love isn’t really unconditional …. No one is obsessed with me and everyone can leave.”

Last month, Utah Native We weekly She was not monogamous..

“I felt it would make my style pretty cramped because I didn’t have it right after I got married to Kodi,” she told us. “Because I was my third wife, I really like my independence and I love my freedom.”

On the downside, Christine sometimes admitted that she felt like herself. “No voice” or “not so important” As another person.

“Whenever we make a big decision, I experience whatever I like.’Is my opinion really important here?'” She said. We.. “That’s when we’re having the hardest time … when I really don’t have a say, or I really feel like I don’t have an opinion.”

Sister’s wife It will air on TLC Sunday at 10 pm EST.

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Sister wife Christine Brown, “rough” Kodi’s relationship

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