Six Memphis police officers have been fired for their involvement in Tyre Nichols’ arrest.tire nichols

A sixth Memphis police officer was fired Friday after an internal police investigation found he violated policies of multiple departments and made a violent arrest. tire nicholsincluding rules surrounding the deployment of stun guns, officials said.

Preston Hemphill was previously suspended as he was investigated for his role in the arrest of Nichols, who died three days later.Five memphis The officer has already been fired and charged with second-degree murder in Nichols’ death.

Hemphill was the third officer of the traffic stop prior to the violent arrest, but was not present when Nichols was beaten.

In body camera footage from the first stop, Hemphill can be heard fainting at Nichols and declaring, “I hope they stomp his ass.”

See you Friday, Tennessee The commission suspended the emergency medical technician licenses of two former Memphis Fire Department employees, EMT Robert Long and Advanced EMT JaMichael Sandridge.

Dismissals and suspensions are based on the efforts of the authorities To hold officers and other first responders accountable for the violence against Nichols, who was black. Six black police officers have been fired and charged with second-degree murder and other charges. Another officer was suspended. The Department of Justice started a civil rights investigation to the attack that was captured on video.

Emergency Medical Services Committee member Jeff Beeman said at an emergency meeting on Friday that there may have been other authorized personnel at the scene, including supervisors, who could have prevented the circumstances that led to Nichols’ death. Beeman said he hopes the board will address the issue in the future.

Board members released a 19-minute surveillance video showing Long and Sundridge failing to care for Nichols, who was unable to sit upright on the side of the car and was repeatedly lying on the ground. saw.

” [state] Department [of health] Neither Mr. Sandridge nor Mr. Long claims to have engaged in emergency care and treatment of patient TN, who was clearly in distress during the 19 minutes.

Board member Sullivan Smith said it was “clear even to a layman” that Nichols “was in great pain and needed help.”

“And they couldn’t offer that help,” Smith said. “They were his best shots, but they didn’t help.”

Nichols was beaten after police stopped him for a traffic violation. Or you can see him hitting with a baton.

Six of the officers involved were members of the so-called Scorpion Squad, which targets violent criminals in high-crime areas.of The unit is then disbanded.

led to murder new national protest about how the police treat black citizens with excessive violence, regardless of the police officer’s race.

At Nichols’ funeral on Wednesday, Cries for reform and justice were laced with sorrow We mourn the loss of a son, brother, father, passionate photographer and skateboarder. Six Memphis police officers have been fired for their involvement in Tyre Nichols’ arrest.tire nichols

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