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At this point, no one has died, the interim police chief said.

Austin, Texas — 14 people were injured in a shooting on Six Street in downtown Austin. Authorities are currently focusing on the two suspects in the shooting, according to KVUE and Austin American-Statesman Tony Prohetsky.

In the early morning of Saturday, June 12, bullets were fired at a large crowd in the entertainment district of 6th Avenue, and several were sent to the hospital.Provisional Austin police Secretary Joseph Chacon said the 911 call began at 1:24 am. The shooting took place at 400 blocks on East Six Street.

Two people were seriously injured and no deaths have been reported. Initially, police reported that 13 people were injured. At a press conference at 1 pm, Chacon said the number of victims had increased to 14.

LiveUpdate: 13 people injured in mass shooting in Austin, Texas

Authorities confirmed to Prohetsky that investigators were working to identify and arrest the two suspects after noon on Saturday.

Chacon said he was working to detain two male suspects. At this time, the suspect has not been generally identified.

He said the shooting seems to be the result of a debate between two groups of people. Investigators are still talking to witnesses and watching the video source.

Those who have the information, or who may have witnessed the shooting, or what happened before the shooting, will be asked to call the 911 or 512-472-TIPS police tipline. ..

The FBI is supporting the Austin Police Department’s investigation.

The interim chief said that “almost all” of the shooting victims appeared to be innocent bystanders. He said he couldn’t elaborate on the details.

Chacon said it was not clear what led to the shooting. The shooting took place during the ROT rally, but the interim chief said the incident was not relevant.

He said that Six Street was so crowded that it was difficult for EMS trucks to get through. He said police had to put some of the shooting victims in police cars and take themselves to the hospital so they could get the urgent care they needed.

City and state leaders are reacting to tragic news.White House There was also a statement..

Relation: Austin leaders and state officials thank law enforcement agencies for their quick response to the Six Street shootings.

“The increase in local gun violence is part of the disturbing increase in gun violence across the country … one thing is clear,” Austin Mayor Steve Adler said in a statement.

Austin City Council Member Mackenzie Kelly It took me some time on Saturday morning to thank the law enforcement agencies for their prompt response.

“There is no doubt. This sneaky and timid gun violence only steals our commitment to lead the country in that Austin is America’s safest city. What happened in Austin this morning The community never experiences, “says Kelly. statement.

Councilor Anne Kitchen also said, “There is no place to put a gun in our city because we are reopening the city.”

June 12th will celebrate its 5th anniversary Pulse nightclub shooting 49 people were killed in Orlando, Florida.

to see: The video shows a chaotic scene after a mass shooting in Austin, Texas.

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