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Skinwalker Ranch and the ‘hitchhiker effect’  – Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas (KLAS) —Dr. Travis Taylor is well known as one of the leading scientific researchers in the history channel program “Skinwalker Ranch Secrets”. In this part of our interview, he explores the scope and intent of the investigation, the various UFOs and other phenomena he personally witnessed, the challenges of investigating seemingly intelligently controlled phenomena, and the eerie “hitchhiker effect.” Explains the effectiveness of.

Below is a transcript of a portion of this 13-minute interview. Watch the video for Taylor’s explanation of what he witnessed at Skinwalker Ranch.

George Nap: There is a lot of debate published on Twitter and social media about whether skinwalkers are legal and worth studying. The AAWSAP program was partly based on the experience that took place there and concerns about whether it had legitimate national security benefits. Is it just a mystery, a paranormal mystery? Or is it a national security issue?

Dr. Travis Theia: George, the scariest thing about this is the ranch GPS signals. It may stop at the fence line of the ranch as well as the area. Quit the job. It is also spoofed to make you think that the vehicle is underwater, not where it is. And this can cause the plane to crash. This happened so many times that the drone actually crashed. And these aren’t just a little cheaper drones, I’m talking about a $ 50,000 drone. And that’s dangerous. If someone has the technology to do that, they can pick the area and stop the GPS function, and you could crash the plane, you crash the automatic drone You may have a system, you may have a car that follows GPS. In short, there are many things that can affect you. And if it can do it for GPS, you can do it for other things. In short, this is a feature that occurs because certain phenomena that are occurring can be potentially threatening.

Nap: Can you explain? Is there physics for the hitchhiker effect? I know people feel it too far. You have experienced it yourself.

Taylor: yes. And, as you know, we were always nervous about talking about the hitchhiker effect, as it might inspire it. I don’t know what caused it. But is there an explanation for physics? Well, if it works through quantum physics, there is the possibility of entanglement. It somehow explains our consciousness, and perhaps quantum phenomena are intertwined with any phenomenon. And wherever you go, you’re still connected to it. And that sounds weird. It is called the quantum measurement problem. Many scientists study it in great detail. And there were several Nobel Prize nominations for this topic. So I think it might be an explanation, or at least somewhere in the stadium.

Nap: You took it home with you.

Taylor: Oh, I’ve seen my car start and stop. Sometimes it will make electronic devices a strange way for no reason, and then they will be okay. It has happened when I was actually driving a car from the driveway, my car just turned off itself. And I was wondering just because of my curiosity, so I happened to go out. And, well, if I were on the ranch, we thought we would go out and start looking around. So when I got out of the car and looked up, there was a strange vortex in the clouds above the house. When this happens, I can’t explain it. I’m just saying they are correlated events. There is no other data associated with it. But that’s strange data. But when I returned, the car quickly cranked up.

Nap: You don’t want to give the season in progress right now. But I have a lot of pretty dramatic things. The experiment you tried produced a reaction.

Taylor: Yes, we actually did multiple stimuli at once this year. And from time to time, we saw some very nice things and got some very nice footage and data at the same time. As you know, we can talk about what was aired. About where the telescope, the database inside the telescope, was erased in real time while we were looking at them. And there is no mechanism for that. If you want to do that, you don’t even know how to reverse engineer the phenomenon. And the same night, we were flying over the ranch, arguably an unidentified flying object, as well as some aerial phenomena. And it was absolutely incredible.

Nap: Where did it come from? And where did it go?

Taylor: That’s a very interesting question. As you know, we were moving the camera, but suddenly it was just there and flying through the ranch. It does something, and suddenly it’s not there. So where did it go? Where did it come from? Do not know.

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