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Even with the toes returned to normal, performing arts are still being brought to those who can only be seen from home. New Skylight Music Theater, Seriousness is important, A video that doesn’t exist on any stage and can be accessed online. A full-length musical drama depicting Oscar Wilde’s events while staying true to the Skylight tradition. The importance of being serious In the context of the “groovy 1960s”.

Providing this experience online could make this play more accessible to some families who do not have the habit of going to the theater and choose to watch videos on their own schedule because of the comfort of their home. There is sex. If for some reason you want to pause, the actor waits for them. Therefore, the experience is inevitably different. What the show loses without the physical presence of the actor is compensated for by honest efforts to put the video together.

Sure, it’s not just a trap of being a filmed theater.Each actor is alone in the house and is trapped in a square surrounded by brighter colored shapes Ara Andy Warhol. The montage seeks to reunite the actors separated by COVID, including a socially distant kiss as the romantic plot progresses. The whole performance lives on in its energetic montage rhythm.

Almost inadvertently, the novelty makes you crazy. It’s not perfect and you can see the rope. The video quality of each actor’s feed is different and some of the squares are off, but they do not compromise the viewing experience. Actors act as if they are interacting with each other, even if they are not in front of their co-stars. The squares move and the actors adapt to maintain eye contact and the illusion of talking to each other. And when addressing the audience, the actor looks straight at the camera and breaks film conventions in a way that significantly improves the impact of the scene.

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Instead of incorporating the perspective of the audience watching the play Seriousness is important I borrowed it from the movie toolbox. The relative size and position of each actor’s square keeps moving to emphasize the meaning of what is happening. The montage keeps trying new things. This is a virtue in this case. Not all ideas come up, but it’s enough for viewers to wonder what’s next. The music segment in particular is a playground for bold montage decisions. The screen may be able to accommodate up to 7 people at the same time, constantly adapting to direct the viewer’s attention to where it should be.

The story itself is, of course, well written. It is the story of a man who lives a double life under the pseudonym Ernest. Inevitably, his two lives clash and the meaning of his created name-serious and honest-is sharply focused. As with most comedy of etiquette, misunderstandings dominate the plot. If the characters simply communicate, the story ends in a blink of an eye, but you’ll miss the witty conversation and the little jewels of Paul Gordon and Jay Gruska’s song.

Algernon (Max Pink), Jack (Joey Cerius), Gwendolyn (Stephanie Stazak) and Cecily (Ashley Oviedo) are all well portrayed by talented singing actors in the direction of Michael Unger. Gender can be evaluated. Many touches of humor make the experience very interesting. Hilarious highlights include unrestrained cast dance with colorful musical clips made after Zoom Call, and the acidic wisdom of perhaps the best character on the show, Lady Bracknell (played by Nathan Marinan). Will be.

The technical restrictions that made it impossible to access the professional team and equipment of the room with the actors allow mistakes. Overall, the production is just fun and adorable.

Skylight Music Theater will project Being Earnest at the Cabot Theater on Saturday, October 17th at 7:30 pm, followed by a live talkback with the cast and director. Face-to-face events will be live streamed to home viewers.

For more information and tickets, please visit:

By Jean-Gabriel Fernandez

October 17, 2020

9:07 am

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