Slutty Vegan and PETA Partner to Combat Food Insecurity – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2021-10-07 13:55:29 –

(PETA and Slutty Vegan collaborated in the park this week to support Fight for Food Justice. Photo by: Darius Goodman / The Atlanta Voice)

On Monday, Slutty Vegan’s famous food trucks lined up by the street near Charles L. Harper Memorial Park.

But Pinky Cole’s vegan trucks weren’t just looking for a trip to the park. Instead, they were there with PETA to launch the organization’s new Food Justice campaign. The campaign calls on the government to redirect meat, egg and dairy subsidies to grocery stores in low-income areas to stock fresh fruits, vegetables and other vegan foods. ..

Cole says PETA, who is looking for her to help establish the program, has already come from her work in the community.

“When it came to veganism, I used the urban community,” Cole said off the track during the event.

Since PETA distributed the Vegan Meal Starter Kit, it was also involved in the food side throughout the program.

“A beautiful piece of veganism, it has no color and no face,” Cole said. “You can be black, white, blue, yellow. It doesn’t matter and we can engage in this lifestyle without imposing our agenda on you.

“I see in the city center community taking advantage of food insecurity and food injustice issues, calling on these government companies to take action and putting money into vegan spaces,” she continued. “We can introduce them to our community like you’ve never seen, and we can do it every day at Slutty Vegan.”

Cole continues to say that the work they do shows that they are driving and defining community change in vegan comfort food.

According to PETA, the Metro Atlanta area, which is getting more attention during a pandemic, has more than 35 food deserts. However, according to PETA, one in eight Georgians experienced food insecurity before the pandemic.

When asked how difficult it would be to bring more people into a vegan lifestyle during this time, Cole said it wasn’t at all difficult as Slutty Vegan doesn’t sell food. They sell experiences to make food attractive.

“If this were a pinky vegan, we probably wouldn’t kick people out of the door,” Cole said. “We call it Slutty Vegan, give it a sloppy name, give the food a provocative name, and provide the ultimate experience of being in an amusement park. In that experience, eating a vegan burger. We’re enjoying the experience because we’ve been taboo for a long time and don’t want people to taste bad about vegan foods. We’re safe with vegan foods without their judgment. We want to create an edible atmosphere. We were able to make it successful, and as we expand across the east and west coasts, we continue to do so. . “

According to PETA, the U.S. government spends about $ 38 billion annually on subsidies for the meat, egg, and dairy industries, most of which is directed to large corporations rather than American farmers. Is only about $ 17 million spent. Fruit and vegetable industry.

Slutty Vegan and PETA Partner to Combat Food Insecurity Source link Slutty Vegan and PETA Partner to Combat Food Insecurity

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