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Thomas Catenatch

According to the latest polling data, small business owners are increasingly pessimistic about the US economic situation and overwhelmingly support the expansion of domestic fossil fuel infrastructure.

According to a JobCreators Network Foundation survey released Friday and shared with The Daily CallerNews Foundation, only 27% of small business owners agreed that the economy was “good” or “excellent.” This figure represents the lowest rating of the current economic situation among small business owners since the group launched a poll a year ago.

Polls have found that small business owners, who employ less than 20 workers, are the most negative about the economy.

“While the Biden administration has touted the’small business boom’and turned the public in the wrong direction, our research undoubtedly shows that Main Street is suffering,” said the Job Creators Network Foundation. Elaine Parker said in a statement shared with The DCNF.

“SMEs are struggling to tackle sustained high inflation, disruptive supply chain problems, and labor shortages, not to mention the threat of tax increases and government bureaucracy,” she said. Continued. “It’s time for the White House to stop playing blame games and take responsibility.”

According to a survey, a whopping 90% of small business owners say that the United States is strengthening its manufacturing industry, reducing its reliance on foreign imports, creating jobs, improving its economy and causing domestic supply chain problems. He said he needed to deal with it. Immediately make “important operational adjustments” to keep them afloat.

The consumer price index, the primary indicator used by the Ministry of Labor (DOL) to measure inflation, surged 8.3% in the 12 months to April, with federal data released Wednesday. Indicated.. With the exception of March, that number was the largest increase since January 1982.

Another inflation indicator that tracks wholesale prices surged 11% year-on-year in April, from a record 11.5% increase reported in March. according to For Thursday’s DOL report.

Companies also suffer from a widespread labor shortage. March Jobs strike A record high of 11.5 million.

A survey by the Job Creators Network Foundation also showed that 77% of small business owners support the expansion of domestic oil and natural gas pipeline infrastructure.

Biden administration canceled or postponed Several pipeline Includes Keystone XL Crude oil pipeline since supplying electricity in January 2021. Cancel Lease sales of multiple oils and gases, I dragged that foot Worked on a new offshore project, pushing up a myriad of burdens Environmental regulations..

First vote of Job Creators Network Foundation release In May 2021, 35% of small business owners predicted that Biden’s economic and tax policies would help them, and 42% said that presidential policies would hurt them.

In the poll, we surveyed 500 SMEs from April 5th to April 28th, with an error of 4.4%.

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Small Businesses Struggle to Survive in Biden’s Economy: Poll Source link Small Businesses Struggle to Survive in Biden’s Economy: Poll

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