Smash and grab bandits strike in Williamson County – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2020-11-19 17:48:10 –

Williamson County, Tennessee (WKRN) — Nolensville Police and Williamson County agents smash glass, steal handbags, and immediately head to the nearest ATM or convenience store to withdraw cash from a stolen credit card. I’m looking for a serious car robber. Before being called stolen.

It happened to a woman on Monday night at Norensville Park, a crowded parking lot during a sporting event. According to police, the thief was watching, and when he saw the woman get out of the car without a wallet, she thought she was still in the car and opened the window to steal her credit card.

With a body camera, you can hear a police officer explaining to the victim how the thief works.

“They come inside the car and see if there’s anything worth it. They’ll probably burst the windows. Probably like a hall, one of those little punchers. . They don’t even open
door. They just reach out and grab it. “

“There is no evidence to prove this, but I think the suspect is looking for a woman to get out of the car without a wallet. Women usually have a wallet. They see women getting out of the car without a wallet. Look and know that you’re likely to have a wallet inside, “said Norensville Assistant Chief Michael Turns.

According to Norensville police, one of the car thieves tried to use a credit card stolen at a Nashville store.

A video of a young man shows that he is wearing a camouflage mask to fit his camouflage pants.

“They break into the car and get a wallet. They know there is a short time frame to call the police and cancel the credit card. They quickly go out of the crime place and credit card Go to a place where you can use it very quickly, “Terns added.

Williamson County investigators confirmed in News 2 the next day that bandits matching this description had attacked Thompson Station in Dog Park. The detective once again said he broke the car window, stole his credit card, and immediately went to Kroger to try it out.

Police are watching News 2 show two smash-and-grab bandits leaving First Citizens Bank at around 1:40 pm on Wednesday, police said.

Bank employees tell investigators that it turned out to be a strange request. Surveillance shows a thief getting into a small silver car and escaping.

If you have information about this incident, we recommend contacting Nolensville Police (615) 776-3640 or Williamson County Sheriff’s Office (615) 790-5560.

Smash and grab bandits strike in Williamson County Source link Smash and grab bandits strike in Williamson County

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