SMEs may face staff shortages until 2022 – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-09-27 12:09:18 –

Washington DC — This year was a tough year for small businesses looking to hire employees, from restaurants to hotels.

John Artin, who runs a hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia, said:

Voids are looming because of unfilled work.

Harrison St, owner of The Kettle Black restaurant in Phoenix. Pierre said:

John Waldmann is CEO Home baseWorks with more than 100,000 SMEs nationwide to manage employees and working hours.

“Many variables are involved here,” says Waldmann. “This is the reality of small businesses. It’s always very difficult to run a small business in the best of times, and we’re not in the best of times.”

Homebase has compiled data for 60,000 small businesses in the United States. Overall, employment is down 21% compared to before the pandemic.

However, it depends on the state. In Michigan and Ohio, it’s down 5%.Colorado and Tennessee are down 13%

Still, that number is even worse in states where the hit hospitality industry is a major employer. It’s down 19% in Arizona and 27% in Florida.

“Especially the hospitality industry has been hit hard and the slowest response, most of which is, frankly, consumer demand,” said Waldmann.

Then what should I do? Waldmann said there are some concrete steps that small businesses can take to deploy and retain workers.

“It gives workers more control over their schedule, whether it’s due to shift transactions or by publishing their schedule in advance,” he says. I did.

Wages are important, but Waldman said the frequency with which people are paid can also be an incentive.

“It works in a normal payroll cycle instead of every two weeks. This is a benefit offered by big companies like Uber and Doordash,” says Waldmann. “It’s more important than ever for many workers who have experienced their financial difficulties over the past year and a half.”

Regarding what 2022 could bring to the employment horizon, Waldman warns that change may be slow.

“Every small business owner needs to do more with less effort and will have to do it now, and will have to do it in 2022 as well.”

It’s a new year that may still have old problems.

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