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Recent stories involve learning interesting facts about our ancestors. For example, Redean Parsons in St Francisville said: “Many years ago, I placed black-and-white photographs in a long corridor. These were photographs of the ancestors of antique frames dating back to the 19th century.

“The two pictures were small tintypes of men and women. They looked tough and seemed to have had a difficult life.

“My 12-year-old granddaughter, Emily, wanted to know about her ancestors, their names, and the history of their lives.

“The tintype is at the bottom of my parents’ box and I didn’t have any information. I don’t know the name, but jokingly said he was a horse thief.

“After a while, Emily had a friend and she shared information about black-and-white photography.

“When she came to the tintype, I heard her say,’I don’t know their name. They were horse thieves!'” “

Ferry illusion?

As the readers of this column know, I rarely get in the way of good stories.

But when prominent journalist Henry Blusher questions the story, I pay attention to each.

Henry of Baton Rouge said, “There is a comment on Wednesday’s column.

“When Rick Marshall’s grandparents see Huey Long recalling the ferry and picking him up, we need to wonder if they were paying close attention.

On Huey’s day, two ferries made a round trip on the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and Port Allen, departing every 15 minutes from both sides and passing through the middle reaches.

“Maybe my grandparents saw the ferry from Baton Rouge, not the ferry that left Huey in Port Allen.

“If it had turned around, two ferries would have been about to land in Port Allen at the same time. Their captains would have been inevitable.”

Modern version II

Lafayette’s Tim Palmer said, “I can’t come when I heard Elvis’s” Don’t Be Cruel “when I heard Brownie’s song updated from” smile “to” mask “in Thursday’s column. , At least “Call me” “If you can’t come, please send me a text or call me.”

Far pole

LaPlace’s Russ Wise attends a seminar on land measurement.

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“I’m back from a trip to Berkshire and West (by God!) Virginia, and (almost) the first thing I do is look for Smiley!

“And to my surprise, there are things I can comment on.

“There are also” poles, “as people report on acre, alpine, and chain measurements.

“In my hometown of Huntington, there are two streams,” Four Pole Creek “and” 12 Pole Creek, “named after the width of the Ohio River.

“But I couldn’t know the length of the pole.”

Chain measures

John H. Miller of Opelousas, a professional surveyor, states that the term “chain” mentioned by the reader was “initially used to measure land.”

“The chain is 66 feet long and consists of 100 links. There are 80 chains per mile.”

Special person department

—Batchelor’s Margie “Tootsie” Miglicco celebrates his 90th birthday on Friday, May 27th.

— Baton Rouge’s Randy and Kaye Canova celebrate their 50th anniversary on Friday, May 27th.

head on

Baton Rouge’s Masha R. likes this quote from the author Jodi Picoult. “Doctors may be planning a war match, but it’s the nurses who can withstand the conflict.”

Get ready

Rick Marshall of Baton Rouge said:

“When I spy on his prize, my grandfather shouted,” Stop the car! Get a bag of cloakers! “

“My father-in-law informed him that he didn’t have a cloaker bag. My grandfather looked at him as if he had two heads and said,” No one has a cloaker bag in his trunk. Is that? “

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