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Smiley: Jiminy, you ever heard such racket? | Smiley Anders – New Orleans, Louisiana

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“The woman who had trouble building a house in the trunk of a car reminded me of the cricket epidemic,” says Marello’s David Palmisano.

“A few years ago, my wife and I spent a few days in Oak Grove during Christmas and visited with my daughter’s friends.

“I don’t know if it’s a mating season or a rare event, but crickets covered the parking lot of my hotel.

“We went home and parked our car in the garage, but didn’t know that a hitchhiker had arrived after a five-hour drive.

“We found it until the lights went out. It’s a difficult way. If you know how annoying a cricket is, multiply it by a few hundred. Round up all the creatures. It took me a few days to get rid of it. “

Encounter between Cajun and Oakey

Sheila Hebert commented on the story of people waving to strangers:

“At the age of 40, this Cajun was sent to Oklahoma with her husband and children. Imagine culture shock. Both Boudin and Crowfish have only one Catholic church in the county and groceries. I don’t talk in the store, and I don’t have any other Cajun in particular.

“Sometimes I was very serious and sad. I didn’t smile much. But I was waving at the car passing by as usual. At that time, I grabbed the steering wheel with one hand and my index finger popped out. , Only the index finger!

“For the two years I lived there, I was very homesick for all of Cajun’s family and friends. I dreamed of them because I dreamed so much. One night,” Jolly Blonde and Three Hebert ” I had a dream.

“I was blessed! My dream was the first of eight Cajun Fairytales (available at Pelican Publishing). Thank you, Oklahoma!”

Friendly garden

Janet Parker of Lafayette said:

“I’m happy to report that this old South Louisiana custom is alive. My latest book, Bendel Gardens: The Historical Treasure of Lafayette, Louisiana” (Lafayette Champagne or, Epilogue says,’Probably one of the most adorable features of Bender Gardens is the friendship of its inhabitants. Many people walk or ride bicycles in the city of Bender. Passing drivers greet their neighbors because they are slow to give up their right of way. If you think the storm is imminent, we may stop chatting or offer you a ride. “

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Defeat the bear

Bill Pratt’s Alex “Sony” Chapman tells the football coaching story.

“There’s a lot going on about Texas A & M’s Jimbo Fisher defeating the Alabama team on the football field for the first time as Nick Saban’s former assistant coach.

“It’s not an easy task, but our LSU coach, Charles McLendon, may be the only ex-assistant coach who did the same to his old coach, Alabama’s legendary Bear Bryant.

“And he did it twice in a row in 1969 and 1970.”

Virtually noble

Russ Wise of La Place, president of the library’s St. John Friends (“donations are always welcome”), said:

“Sulynn Ganey’s Saturday letter inviting me to use the local library rang the bell.

“But here’s another good news. You don’t even have to go to the library to go to the library. Many people can borrow thousands of virtual books or borrow recorded books online. I have a service.

“I did both. Listening to books while traveling is a great way to make a trip look short, and I always have a virtual book on my tablet when I’m out of town.

“During the blockade of COVID, I spent a lot of time wandering through the stack of virtual diversity, while many libraries weren’t open.”

Life imitates a movie

Timely pandemic observations by Charlie Anderson in Shreveport:

“Every time I see someone wearing a mask and sunglasses, I think of the movie’Transparent Man’.”

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