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Smiley: The danger of judging customers | Smiley Anders – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2022-06-14 16:30:00 –

The current popularity of online shopping and home delivery may be one of the consequences of a pandemic, some of which is undoubtedly due to this type of incident.

Bobby D. of Abita Springs said, “Don’t judge, because you had an article that things weren’t what they looked like.

“Well, my first wife and I had the experience of being judged by what we were wearing when trying to buy kitchen utensils.

“I worked all day in my home remodeling house, so it’s time to buy the appliances I need.

“She came to pick me up after cutting her hair all day at her store. We went to Metairie’s Clearview Shopping Center (national chain department store) to get what we needed. ..

“Neither of us was the best outfit. I had a shirt and trousers with dust on paint and gypsum board. She was a dirty shirt by dyeing some customers’ hair. I was wearing.

“When I looked up the appliances I needed, I noticed that two salespeople continued to ignore us.

“Finally a third party came and asked if he needed help.

“I told him,’Yes, we need a gas stove, a microwave, a refrigerator, a freezer, and garbage disposal.

“When he was putting everything in their system to order, I heard him tell other people. Said You need to see what they needed! “

“And they worked on a mission …”

Save the face

Charlie Anderson of Shreveport commented on our story about a novice pilot:

“A small plane pilot with many years of experience is the name of the town, where the plane landed and the pilot came in.

“His strategy in such a situation is to ask him to use the phone and then read the name of the town in the phone book, he said.”

Car newt

Musician Sam Irwin talks about Friday’s phrase “Hold’er, Newt!”. An old song that brought this memory back to Francis Serino, “Metairie Miscreant:”

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“My mother used the phrase” hold. ” Newt, she’s Larin! Whenever there is a “small discrepancy” between dad, car, and the road. “

‘Mater samwich, please!

John Ryan of New Orleans agrees with the instructions for making the ultimate tomato sandwich on Tuesday.

“I just add: use real Creole tomatoes. Their acid / tart flavors are invincible.

“Two sloppy thumbs up!”

Generous woman

Another memory of iconic New Orleans dancer Chris Owens:

Ronald Paulin said: “His wife Cindy and I volunteered for the Jefferson Parish Arts Association’s” The Follies “performance. Will be displayed for free.

“Cindy was asked to imitate Chris Owens, so she hibari asked Chris’ manager, Kissy, if she had a costume she could borrow.

“The next day, Kissy delivered the costume, said it was a gift from Chris, and explained how to store it.

“The great thing is that it fits Cindy perfectly and the performance was a big hit!”

The compten being spoken here

Bush’s Mike Budlow said: “When I joined LSU in the late 1960s, there was a sign on the door of the new computer room at the time in one of the quad buildings.

“It was the beginning of the computer era, and there was a lot of interest and curiosity in computers.

“The sign written in fake German says’Alles lookenspeepers! Das komputen machine ist nicht fur sightseeren und gerfingerpoken!’.

“I didn’t really need any knowledge of German to receive the message. It’s still one of my favorite signs.”

Smiley: The danger of judging customers | Smiley Anders Source link Smiley: The danger of judging customers | Smiley Anders

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