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The naming of the Superdome to promote the gambling empire reminds us (at least officially) that this activity has not always been welcomed in New Orleans.

“French Quarter Ben Zankd grew up on the Irish Channel in New Orleans and had a bookmaker / bookmaker in the back room of a neighborhood bar room. In our neighborhood, they are always known as” books. ” I did.

“I came across an article on New Orleans Items in 1947, about our reform mayor, Chep Morrison, who tried to stop all gambling in the city.

“According to the article, Mayor Morrison was on the Irish channel for an annual event. The item reported:” Hey, you. When do you want my dad to open his book? “

Big wheel

Speaking of Caesars Super Dome, several readers had the same idea about its large white roof.

Slidel’s Lloyd Rabatut says, “You can draw the top of the dome as a large ring of roulette. Red and black? Maybe black and gold?”

“Don from Chilly Gentilly” offers this suggestion.

“The roof is painted black and gold like a roulette table and numbered to indicate the year of saint’s achievements (record, first victory season, playoffs, conference championship, Super Bowl victory).”

It’s ridiculous!

Alex “Sony” Chapman of Bill Pratt said: that’s all..

“Fast forward for two weeks. Now they may make murderous sales masks.”

Celebrate the day

“This year was a great year for me,” says John Carrier of Baton Rouge.

“I always wanted to go fishing in Walden Pond (the Walden plot of Baton Rouge is built around quite a pond) and catch the crocodile.”

To prove his catch, John encloses a photo of him holding a gaiter next to a sign that “sites and facilities” (which I think include ponds) are for residents only. Did.

The trespassing reptiles looked like fried food to me.

But John says, “I moved him to the swamp. Now I’m sure some of his bigger brothers took him to dinner.”

Garage sale city

My esteemed colleague Joe Macarso came across a national ranking that puts Baton Rouge fourth in the country.

Lawn Love, a national lawn care service, ranked the best cities for garden and garage sales in 2021 based on sales volume, garden size, and weather.

Baton Rouge ranked first in “garden size” and 24th in “number of gardens and garage sales”, but fell to 43rd in “average summer monthly temperature”. Imagine …

The Midwest is clearly a country of big garage sales. The top three were St. Louis. Fort Wayne, Indiana, Indianapolis.

Special person department

— Ada Foleys of the Hour Lady of Wisdom Healthcare Center in New Orleans celebrated her 97th birthday on Saturday, July 24th.

— Jackie Guidry O’Quinn of Baton Rouge is 90 years old on Monday, July 26th and has an event celebrated by friends and neighbors on Saturday, July 24th.

— Lutcher’s Clark and Pat Duhe celebrated their 62nd anniversary on Sunday, July 25th.

— Gramercy’s Anthony and Jeanne Clemente celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday, July 24th.

Child Speak revisited

Ann Maverick said: “I lived for a while near the town of Miamisburg, southwestern Ohio.

“The day my friend had to do business there, his son told me they would go to’My Daddy’s Amisberg’.”

show must go on

This column started with the history of New Orleans, so I would like to introduce one more thing at the end.

Aline “Tousa” Davis said: “I was born here at the Baptist Hospital in New Orleans and grew up at the end of the Great Depression.

“I’ve seen Mardi Gras evolve into the luxury of today. The old question was,” How much did you catch? “Instead of” Did you catch something? “

“I saw the float burn when Franbo got too close. The rider got off and got on another float, and the parade went a little late.”

Smiley: The mayor meets Daddy’s little helper | Smiley Anders Source link Smiley: The mayor meets Daddy’s little helper | Smiley Anders

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