Smithfield Foods has been accused of agitating the fear of lack of meat

Smithfield Foods was one of the first companies the country warned the country There was a danger of running out of meat A coronavirus infection struck a processing plant in April 2020, putting pressure on the industry to shut down some production to protect workers.

Today, a lawsuit filed by consumer advocacy group Food and Water Watch last week accuses giant pork producers of misleading consumers by stalking their fears and misleading the public.

The proceedings state that the country has never been at risk of running out of meat.Claims that refrigeration had sufficient supplies, but at the same time In particular, pork exports to China were skyrocketing.. The proceeding was filed in a higher court in Washington. There, the law allows nonprofits to file proceedings on behalf of consumers without having to show that they have directly harmed them.

“This horror horror creates a revenue-generating feedback loop,” Food and Water Watch said in a proceeding. “It causes consumer panic and exploits — squeezes demand and sales — and in turn provides the company with a false justification to keep the slaughterhouse running at full tilt, putting workers at risk. Exposed to the health and safety conditions of the workplace, it has caused thousands of Smithfield workers to be infected with the virus. “

Smithfield defended its safety efforts while criticizing consumer advocacy groups. In a statement, Smithfield Chief Administrative Officer Keira Lombard said, “The advocacy groups making these claims are committed to the efforts of hard-working employees who take great pride in producing food safely. We have a clear goal of dismantling. “

The meat packaging industry was the flash point of a pandemic As thousands of workers I got sick and many of them were deadly. Smithfield and other companies have launched aggressive advertising campaigns to highlight their workers’ safety efforts and the important role of the industry in feeding the country.

Despite these allegations, Food and Water Watch, represented by a lawsuit by legal advocate Public Justice, said regulators failed to adequately protect workers at their California and South Dakota factories. Pointed out that Smithfield was quoted from.

“Our health and safety measures were comprehensive, based on our medical and workplace safety expertise,” Lombard said in a statement.

Smithfield Foods has been accused of agitating the fear of lack of meat

Source link Smithfield Foods has been accused of agitating the fear of lack of meat

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