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Greg Fishman
SMUD Word 3 Director

The SMUD board recently approved a groundbreaking zero-carbon program that promises to eliminate all carbon emissions from SMUD’s power sources by 2030. This is the most aggressive clean energy program of any large US utility.

After receiving months of public opinion, there are many reasons why we have set such a positive path.

Poor air quality in Sacramento and the increasing impact of climate change from droughts and wildfires have led us to act as soon as possible. In the 2020 State of the Air report by the American Lung Association, Sacramento was ranked the sixth most polluted city in the country based on the number of days of unhealthy levels of air pollution in the ozone layer. The impact on public health is real. The incidence of childhood asthma in the Sacramento region is more than 20 percent higher than the national average. It is unacceptable.

SMUD’s zero-carbon plan focuses on proven new clean technologies, new business models and partnerships, natural gas plant modifications and decommissionings, regulatory and financial strategies. SMUD is one of the most environmentally friendly utilities in the country, but currently depends on natural gas for about half of its electricity generation. By 2025, we plan to close two gas plants and remodel the other gas plants.

At the same time, we promise to maintain reliable 24-hour service while maintaining rate hikes below inflation. As much as they support our clean energy efforts, our customers tell us that affordability and reliable electricity are their top priorities. Neither will be sacrificed.

Electrification of buildings and vehicles is an important part of the zero-carbon program. SMUD’s power mix incorporates more renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, which can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by powering homes, offices and automobiles. I can do it. We also have the infrastructure in place to support planning and migration.

One of the greatest strengths of the zero-carbon plan is its flexibility. Based on new technologies and market conditions, we will not take a big step that cannot be pivoted as needed. In other words, we know where we are going, but our path is flexible. This plan gives you the adaptability to choose the best route.

We recognize that we cannot achieve our positive goals on their own. We need the support of a wide range of players, including housing and corporate customers, elected officials, local business groups, community leaders, tech companies, automakers and solar companies. We promise full transparency and ensure that all our customers, including those who live under historically resource-rich communities, enjoy the full benefits of our efforts. To do.

Please come by all means Learn more about zero-carbon plans and how to get the latest information.

Together, we can guide the way to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable future.

SMUD is leading the way to a sustainable, zero-carbon future Source link SMUD is leading the way to a sustainable, zero-carbon future

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