Snapchat permanently bans playing cards from its platform

Snap last week, along with other popular social media platforms Temporarily banned President Trump from that platform. The company is currently permanently blocking Mr. Trump’s Snapchat account.

In a statement, Mr. Snap said, “For public security, and his attempt to disseminate false information, dislike malicious language, and incite violence, which clearly violates our guidelines. Based on, we have decided to terminate his account forever. ”

A violent breach of the Capitol on January 6 by a mob of Mr. Trump’s supporters who killed five people Social media Companies investigating their role in the dissemination of election falsehoods and other false information by the president and his administration.

Snapchat, a messaging app that lets you post photos, videos, and messages that appear just before users become inaccessible, June after Trump continued to post what he described as a dangerous rhetoric that instigated violence and hatred. Said that he stopped promoting Mr. Trump’s account. Users at the time could still see the president’s “snap”, but only if they searched for or subscribed to the president’s account that remained active.

Twitter will permanently suspend Trump’s account


According to the company, Mr. Trump has violated Snapchat’s guidelines dozens of times since then. According to company data, Snapchat, which has about 250 million users per day, said it deleted each post and sent a warning to the president’s social media team.

The company said it was concerned that it would be a conduit for disseminating false information, primarily because the platform’s news feed was not moderated. In other words, anyone can broadcast falsehoods to a wide range of viewers. Closing Mr. Trump’s account will benefit all Snapchat users in the long run, the company said.

The Trump campaign did not respond to Thursday’s request for comment.

Disconnect from social media

During the last few days of his inauguration, Mr. Trump lost access to some of America’s leading social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said blocking on Trump’s account remains valid. Until the end of the president’s term — And potentially indefinitely. Restrictions include the use of Facebook-owned Instagram.

YouTube this week Deleted content From Mr. Trump’s channel, and that’s what he’s banned from uploading new videos and live streams for at least a week. User comments on the President’s channel are also banned by YouTube indefinitely.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey He said banning Mr. Trump was the right decision, but admitted that doing so would hurt freedom of speech. Just before the ban, Mr. Trump had about 90 million followers on his @realdonaldtrump Twitter account.

“The need to take these actions fragmentes public conversation,” Dorsey tweeted. “They divide us. They limit the possibilities of clarification, redemption, learning and set precedents that I find dangerous. Individuals or businesses are part of a global public conversation. It is the power to have against. “

Some experts said that efforts by major social media players to reduce false information will have an impact, but are unlikely to counteract conspiracy theories and hatred that are rampant on the Internet. ..

Kate Starbird, a leading misinformation expert at the University of Washington, told The Associated Press that “there will be less opportunity to radicalize new people” on mainstream platforms. “But for those who are already radical, or who have already gone down the rabbit hole in conspiracy theory, this may not make a difference, even if the place they go to is an echo chamber.”

Snapchat permanently bans playing cards from its platform

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