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SNHD holds COVID-19 vaccine exercise; workers focus on layout and logistics – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2020-11-21 20:17:22 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — Progress has been made on several vaccine candidates. The FDA has not yet approved it. Healthcare professionals in southern Nevada are now making sure they are ready when the time comes.

Healthcare professionals from various organizations are gathered to help the vaccination process go smoothly.

The Saturday exercise explained how to vaccinate everyone efficiently and safely.

The Southern Health District of Nevada conducted a COVID-19 vaccine exercise at the Influenza Clinic at El Dorado High School.

“This allows us to test our emergency operations plan and consider the logistics to accept, immunize and evict large numbers of people in a safe way,” said Jeff Quinn of SNHD. ..

Emergency medical care and medical professionals from across the valley participated in the movement. They will be able to train their employees before the vaccine is released.

“We have actually practiced good techniques for vaccination. Hopefully we can help people go the way and lead better, happier and healthier lives. You can, “said August Corales, a paramedic.

Social distance guidelines require people to be far away when vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Since this vaccine is new, it also requires an observation area to monitor people for the next 15 minutes.

The vaccine is given to the area across the valley.

“Most people in the neighborhood know the schools nearby, so we really want them to stay in their community, rather than providing directions to get people to travel across towns.” Quinn said.

The COVID-19 vaccine is distributed in a step-by-step approach, with front-line workers and key personnel vaccinated first. To move to the next level of people, 80% of the group should be vaccinated.

The health district is confident that this process will be expedited.

SNHD is planning more vaccine campaigns soon. Next, we’ll focus on how to send data in real time.

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